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Set up a bid by total project Last updated on 02/03/2023

Add a bid to an estimate in a lump sum total if you have already created a bid outside of the ServiceTitan and sent it to your customer. This ensures that the details for the bid are reflected in ServiceTitan and you can track the total project accordingly.

Things to know

You can track the project total through the Financials section of your project:

  • The Project Summary table lists the lump sum total item with the Amount and Percent Complete

  • The Budget vs Actual table lists what you have Billed for the item and the Expenses.  

  • The Expense Details table lists the Actual for the incurred costs of the item.

Add items to an estimate by total project

  1. Create a generic item in your pricebook. For example, add a task named Construction Project. Note: This item represents the lump sum bid you want to add to your project. 

  2. Search for and open the estimate you created for the project. 

  3. In the Estimate Items section, add the generic item you created in your pricebook to account for the lump sum item in your estimate. For example, click + Task add Construction Project.

  4. If you want to add additional details to the item, edit the Description field of the task. 

  5. Add the total project amount in the Unit Price field. 

  6. To track costs for this item:

    1. Click Moremore for the item, then click edit pencil iconEdit the item.

    2. In the Estimated Labor Cost field, enter labor costs for the item.  

    3. Click the Project Labels dropdown and select a label to account for the totals of the project.

      Note: Create a project label for the total of the project before you add the lump sum to the estimate to help you track the project accurately in your Budget vs Actuals table. 

    4. When you’re finished, click Save

  7. You can also add material and equipment items to your estimate as a total project by adding a generic material or equipment to your pricebook and then adding it to the estimate with the expected cost, similar to how you can add a task above. Note: If you use this method, you can’t use requisitions to procure material or equipment.

Bill customer for total project

You can progressively bill your customer for the total project amount you added for the bid:

  1. Search for and open the project you want to bill your customer for. 

  2. Click the Actions dropdown and select Add Invoice.

    Add Invoice opens. 

  3. Click the Business Unit dropdown and select the business unit you want the bill to be reflected in. 

  4. When you’re finished, click Add Invoice. The invoice record opens. 

  5. From the side menu, click Add a task to add the task for which you want to bill the customer. Note: This should be the same task as the project total amount you added to the estimate initially.  

  6. Add task details:

    • In the Unit Price field, enter the amount for which you want to bill the customer

    • Click the Project Label field and select the project label that corresponds with the label you added to the total project task. Note:To ensure that your Budget vs Actual table is correct and aligns with your costs, the same label has to be added to the bill and the task. 

  7. When you’re finished, click Save

Your Budget vs Actual table for the project now reflects the bill you’ve added for the customer.

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