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Set up transfer typesLast updated on 07/01/2022

Use transfer types to identify the type of transfer you are creating between your inventory locations. For example, a transfer type could be over the counter. The over the counter transfer type can be used when the warehouse manager is handing over a one-off item to a technician from the warehouse.

Set up a transfer type

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings settings.png.

  2. From the side menu, select Inventory > Transfer Types.

  3. On the Transfer Types page that opens, click Add.

  4. In the Transfer Type Name field, enter a name for the transfer type.

    Note: If you select the Automatically Received option, any transfer of this type will automatically be marked as received as soon as it is created. New transfer types are active in ServiceTitan by default. If you don’t want your new transfer type to be active, deselect the Active option.

  5. When you’re done, click Create.

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