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ServiceTitan tips and tricksLast updated on 03/22/2022

Shortcut keys

Ctrl or Command + F

Use this when you’re searching through a long list of customers, jobs, or ServiceTitan Pricebook Excel template. This command will help you find

specific services and service codes quickly.

Ctrl or Command + N

Opens a new window. You can have ServiceTitan open in multiple windows, perfect if you have more than one monitor and want to view

multiple things side by side.

Ctrl or Command + T

Opens a new tab in your Google Chrome browser. You can have ServiceTitan open in multiple tabs within a single window, making it easy

to multitask without losing your spot.

Ctrl or Command + R

Refreshes your page. Use this each time you make changes in ServiceTitan to ensure that updates appear on your screen. Rather than

clicking the refresh button in your browser, use this command to quickly refresh your screen in ServiceTitan

Ctrl or Command + D

Bookmarks the current page. This will allow you to quickly access your most frequently used ST pages!

Ctrl or Command + Click

Use this shortcut while clicking a link to open that link in a new tab or window

Clearing your cache

Google Chrome uses something called a “cache” to make pages load more quickly. This works by saving pages you access frequently so that your computer doesn’t have to download them every time you visit a specific website. Although this will usually make your ServiceTitan experience better, if you’re experiencing any trouble, clearing your cache is a good place to start because it forces your computer to re-download your frequently accessed page resources.

To do this, navigate to Chrome > Clear Browsing Data. Next, select the top 4 checkboxes. This will not delete any of your saved passwords. Be sure to obliterate your data from the beginning of time.


You can use a Google Chrome extension called TabCarousel to cycle through multiple Google Chrome tabs in a single window. TabCarousel allows you to choose how frequently you would like the page to change. You can use this to show high-level reports on a TV in your office! Just search “TabCarousel” in order to get this third-party extension.

Incognito mode

If you ever need to be signed in to two accounts at once (for example, an office user and a tech user while updating your pricebook), you can open an Incognito window in addition to any other windows you are already using. The benefit to opening an Incognito window is that you are able to browse the Internet without any cookies being saved. Log into one account in each window in order to take advantage of this Google Chrome feature. You can tell you’re in Incognito Mode when you see the icon displayed here.

ServiceTitan invoice shortcuts

While making changes to an Invoice, you can quickly navigate through the various menu items by pressing the letter X and then the underlined letter on on the menu item.

Click here for the help article on editing invoices.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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