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ServiceTitan Glossary (commonly used ServiceTitan terms)Last updated on 03/22/2022

Abandoned call

When a customer service representative (CSR) answers a call but does not click the incoming call bubble, it's considered an abandoned call. An abandoned call cannot be attached to a CSR, customer, or job. The call does not count towards CSR conversion rates or call-related reporting metrics.

You can see abandoned calls on your dashboard in the Agent Scorecards section under the profile, Abandoned. You can also click the Search icon and search by Call, Call type: Abandoned.

You can edit an abandoned call to attach the appropriate CSR or reclassify it.


A batch, or invoice batch, is a set of invoices that have been audited and are ready to post. You will use the Invoice screen in ServiceTitan to create invoice batches. On the Invoice screen, you'll have access to unbatched and batched invoices.

Unbatched invoices are like a stack of invoices on your desk that need to be reviewed (is the invoice correct? has payment been received in full? do we need to follow up with the customer? etc). When you are ready to review unbatched invoices, you’ll create a new invoice batch. You'll review each unbatched invoice, then add the invoice to the batch. So, when you create an invoice batch it’s just like putting a stack of invoices on your desk that have been reviewed and are ready for accounting to process.

How do I batch invoices? When you are ready to review invoices, you’ll go to the Invoice screen to create a new invoice batch. Once you've created a new batch, you'll use the Unbatched tab to review unbatched invoices. Once you've verified each unbatched invoice is correct, you can add it the invoice batch you've created. When you are done adding invoices to the batch, you’ll post the batch. Once a batch is posted, you won’t be able to make any changes on those invoices (unless you unpost the batch, or create an adjustment invoice). The final step is to export the posted batch to Quickbooks. Click here for more information on batching, posting, and exporting invoices.

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Booked call

When a CSR books a job from an incoming call, this is a booked call. Booked calls will positively impact the Call Booking Rate for the entire company and the individual CSR. On the dashboard, you can see the number of booked calls under Calls Metrics (booked calls is the number of Appts).

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A call in ServiceTitan is a phone call that is usually received by the system or occasionally added manually. The call can lead to a job being booked.

Call lead

See Marketing lead.

Closed estimate

A sold estimate with a subtotal equal to or greater than the sold threshold. See also Sold estimate.

For more on closing estimates, see Follow up on opportunities.

Converted job

A job with an invoice subtotal greater than or equal to the sold threshold.

Convertible job

See Opportunity

Excused call

An excused call is any incoming call that was not related to a past, current, or future job. Excused calls might be:

  • A wrong number

  • A call from UPS

  • An employee calling in sick

  • Etc.

Any call answered within ServiceTitan that lasts less than 60 seconds will automatically be classified as an excused call - that means that if a call lasts less than a minute, you won't need to worry about classifying those calls as excused.

However, if a call lasts over 60 seconds, ServiceTitan will assume it was a lead unless: a) you enter a call reason that excuses it as not a lead, or b) the manager (or someone with permission) manually excuses the call.

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In ServiceTitan, a job is when a service is booked for a customer, usually as the result of a call.

Job sold threshold

See Sold threshold.

Job split

See Split.


In general, a lead is an incoming call that lasts at least 60 seconds or is assigned the call reason, Is lead. There are several types of leads that you can use to report on different aspects of your business.

For more on leads, see Understand and book different types of leads.

See also Marketing lead, Sales opportunity, and Technician-generated lead.

Marketing lead

A marketing lead is any job booked through the Call Booking screen that is not a technician-generated lead. Every time a CSR books a job and a sales technician is dispatched is considered a marketing lead. Marketing leads should always be attached to one of your marketing campaigns (Settings > Campaigns). Marketing leads can include:

  • Incoming calls from new customers

  • Online bookings

  • Customer emails

  • Word-of-mouth or customer referrals

  • Repeat business or returning customer

For more on marketing campaigns, see Add and use campaign categories.

Membership opportunity

A job for a customer who does not a current membership is considered a membership opportunity. These jobs have a Potential Member or Potential Renewal tag attached. A completed job without a potential member tag where a membership is sold or renewed is also considered a membership opportunity.

For more on memberships, see Understanding the memberships sales cycle.

No charge job

A job where the customer is not charged for the service. For example, recall and warranty jobs are No charge jobs. These jobs do not affect technician conversion rates on the dashboard. Income items can be added to a No charge job invoice. If the invoice subtotal is greater than or equal to the sold threshold, the job is considered to be converted.

You can mark jobs as no charge or non-opportunity by default.

Non-convertible job

See No charge job

Open opportunity

An opportunity is open until at least one of the created estimates is closed or the opportunity is dismissed. When an estimate on the opportunity is sold with a subtotal greater than or equal to the sold threshold, the opportunity status changes to Won. If the estimate subtotal is less than the sold threshold, the opportunity status changes to Dismissed.

For more on open opportunities, see Follow up on opportunities.


Every maintenance, service, and install job is considered an opportunity, unless it's marked as No charge. Recall and warranty jobs are marked as No charge by default. No charge jobs with an invoice subtotal greater than or equal to the sold threshold are also considered opportunities. Opportunities are compared to converted jobs to measure conversion rates.

See also Membership opportunity, Replacement opportunity, Sales opportunity, Technician-generated lead

Recall job

A job to fix a persisting issue from a previously completed job. For example, if a technician completes a job to fix a leaky faucet and it still leaks, you create a recall job. A second technician is dispatched to fix the leaky faucet that the customer has already paid to fix. Recalls are No charge jobs and reference the original jobs in the Is recall for field.

For more on recall jobs, see Book a recall job.

Replacement opportunity

When an installed equipment item reaches the replacement age of that equipment type, a replacement opportunity tag displays on jobs and the customer’s service location record. A replacement opportunity is a job with a replacement opportunity tag that is not marked as No charge. A completed No charge job with a replacement opportunity tag where a lead was generated.

For more information, see Replacement Opportunity Workflow.

Sales opportunity

For technicians working in sales, every completed job is considered a sales opportunity, except jobs that are marked as No charge. No charge jobs with a sold estimate subtotal greater than or equal to the sold threshold are also considered sales opportunities. Sales opportunities come from technician-generated leads or marketing leads.

For more on estimates, see Basic estimate workflows in ServiceTitan

Sold estimate

An estimate that has been sold but not necessarily converted. A sold estimate with a subtotal greater than or equal to the sold threshold is also considered to be a closed estimate.

Every closed estimate is a sold estimate. Not every sold estimate has necessarily been closed.

See also Closed estimate.

Sold job

See Converted job.

Sold threshold

The minimum subtotal dollar amount when you consider a job or estimate to be converted. When an invoice subtotal on completed job meets the sold threshold, it's considered a converted job. When an estimate meets the sold threshold, it's considered a closed estimate.

The sold threshold should be set $1 above your technician consultation fee or dispatch fee. For example, if you charge a $75 dispatch fee, set your sold threshold at $76. You can set the job sold threshold for each job type by going to Settings > Job Type > Sold Threshold.

For more on job types, see Set up and use job types.


The split determines how much credit each technician is getting for the job. For example: If two technicians perform work on a job, the split could be an even 50%-50%, or it could be 75%-25% if the first technician did a bulk of the work.

By default 100% of the technician split will go to the first technician assigned to the job. If you assign additional technicians to a job, you’ll need to navigate to the invoice to adjust the splits.

Technician splits are also accounted for in reports and KPIs throughout ServiceTitan.

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Technician-generated lead (TGL)

A technician-generated lead is when a technician convinces a customer to schedule another job or request an estimate for additional services. For example, if a technician on a service call convinces a customer to get an estimate to replace aging equipment, you set a technician-generated lead on the job record.

For more on TGLs, see Job-generated leads.

Unbooked call

When a call is unbooked, this means the call was answered but a job was not booked. Note: The call must be classified as a lead (duration over 60 seconds) for it to be considered an unbooked call. If the call lasts less than 60 seconds and is not booked, this will be an excused call.

Where can I see unbooked calls?

The Unbooked Calls section of the dashboard will show recent unbooked calls.

You can also use the Search screen to see unbooked calls (search Call, then select Unbooked as the call type).

What should I do with unbooked calls?

You can listen to the call recording to determine why a job was not booked.

If you wish to reclassify the call (for example, if a job was booked or if you wish to excuse the call), click on the call and select I’d like to reclassify the call.

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Unconvertible job

See No charge job.

Won opportunity

When one or more of the estimates created for a job is sold with an estimate subtotal greater than or equal to the sold threshold. For more on opportunities, see Follow up on opportunities.

See also Open opportunity.


Zones are generally used for organizational purposes. A zone is a group of zip codes. By setting up Zones in ServiceTitan, a color coded system will be created to help you organize jobs in certain locations both on the Dispatch Board and the Schedule Page. You may refer to zones as service areas within your business.

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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.