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Receive shipmentLast updated on 09/13/2022

It is important to begin tracking your items by serial number from the moment you receive a shipment. Serializing helps reduce loss and theft.

Things to know

  • Before you can save a shipment you receive, enter the serial numbers for all serialized items you are receiving.

Receive a shipment

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Inventory Inventory-icon.

  2. From the side menu, select Purchase Orders. The Purchase Orders page opens.

  3. Click the Sent or Partially Received tab and select the purchase order (PO) you want to receive. The PO record opens.

    Tip: Use the search bar to find the PO you want to receive. The PO number is on the packing slip.

  4. Click Receive. Note: You can receive POs in bulk. For more information, see Receive purchase orders.

In the Item List table, under the Serial Numbers column, you can see the items that need a serial number. To enter a serial number for an item you are receiving:

  1. Click the Edit Edit icon icon, under the Serial Numbers column.

  2. In the pop-up window that opens, enter the serial number and click Save. Note: If the item quantity received is 2, enter two unique serial numbers for that item.

    After you enter and save all of the serial numbers for an item, the item is marked as Complete.

  3. When you’re finished, click Save.

The items you received can now be tracked with the assigned serial numbers.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.