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Sell estimates in ServiceTitanLast updated on 11/18/2022

This article helps you understand how to create an estimate item and how you can sell estimates in ServiceTitan.

Things to know

  • If you sell or convert an estimate from ServiceTitan, we recommend you book an install job to get the sold estimate items on the invoice.

  • When you sell or convert an estimate, the system automatically creates a new job that can be booked. Once the job is booked, a project is created. The created project includes the new job and the job from which the estimate is added.

  • The order of project labels in Settings does not impact the order of the labels on individual estimate items. The order in which labels are added to estimate items is used to determine the Budget vs Actual hierarchy.

  • You can copy and paste non-editable cells, for example, tasks, equipment, or material added to the estimate, or the total cost or price of the estimate.

Create an estimate item

Select the item you want to create for the estimate, for example, you can create a task:

  1. Click + Task.

  2. From the dropdown field, select the task you want. For example, REP 3: 1 “Fiberglass Filter * First Filter. Tip: You can use Search to find the task. When you search for an item a full description is shown for each item.

The task is added to your estimate.

You can edit information about the task using the columns.

Note: You can drag and drop columns to organize them in your preferred order.

To see the full description of the item, click the description cell.

Tip: If you want to see the full description of all items of the estimate, click Expand Descriptions.

If you want to edit more information:

  1. Hover over the row, and click the Edit Edit icon icon. The View / Edit Task Details window opens.

  2. Make the changes you want.

  3. When you’re finished, click Save.

If you want to add more items to the estimate, press Enter on your keyboard.

Tip: You can hover over the Keyboard Shortcuts button and see how you can work with the items using your keyboard.

In the Costing section, you can compare your revenue and cost details.

Tip: For a better user experience, you can open and close the sidebar.

Hover over the row and select the Hide the Item option from the dropdown on items with a $0 value to make them visible or hidden on printed estimates, emailed PDFs, online estimates, contactless estimates, and when an estimate is in presentation mode.

Note: This is intended to help track costs on large construction and commercial projects, when you plan to use progress billing instead of the job's invoice - as these items will still show up on the job's invoice. This functionality is available in ServiceTitan Mobile as well. For more information, see Build and sell estimates in ServiceTitan Mobile.

To delete the item from the estimate, hover over the row and click the delete-trash.png Delete the item option from the dropdown.

Convert and sell an estimate

On the Estimate page, you can convert and sell estimates:

  1. Click Sold / Convert.

  2. In the pop-up window, select the technician from the dropdown.

  3. Click Apply.

If you want to unsell the sold estimate, click Unsell.

There are two options to view the Opportunity Follow-Up page:

Option 1

  1. In the Costing section, click View Opportunity.

Option 2

  1. Under the Opportunity field, click the opportunity number.

    The Opportunity Follow-Up page opens.

  2. Go to the estimate you want to sell.

  3. From the Sold/Convert dropdown, select the technician or office employee who sold the estimate. For example, Amy.

  4. Click Sold/Convert. Note: When you sell the estimate, all estimate items are reflected in the Budget column based on their project and category label. The estimate for the job opens.

  5. Select the item you want to include in the job. Tip: You can click Select All to include all items in the job, or Deselect All to remove items from the job.

  6. Click Book New Job. The Call Booking screen opens.

  7. From the Call Booking screen, you can schedule a job. For more information, see Call Booking.

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