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Understand standard and advanced seatsLast updated on 01/18/2023

You can assign advanced or standard seats when adding office employees to Phones Pro. This article explains the differences between the two seat types so you can make an informed choice based on your business needs.

Things to know

  • Advanced seats can be added to both call centers and departments. Standard seats can only be added to departments.

  • To remove seats, contact Technical Support.

  • When you assign a Phones Pro seat, the office employee you assign receives an invitation email from Dialpad requesting them to finish setting up their account and create their DialPad password. If the employee forgets their password, they can go to to reset it

  • An office employee’s Dialpad username is their ServiceTitan email address.

  • If an office employee loses their invitation email, the Dialpad admin can re-send it at From there, go to Office > Users > Options > Admin and click Resend Invite.

Standard seats

Standard seats include the following features:

  • All essential phone functionality, including call forwarding and advanced routing

  • Customized greeting and hold music for a personalized call experience

  • Real-time call transcription for enhanced coaching opportunities

  • Remote access to enable your employees to work from anywhere, anytime, by downloading the Dialpad app

  • Unlimited talk time and recording on all calls

  • You can only be added to departments

Advanced seats

Advanced seats are designed for customer-facing roles, such as customer service representatives (CSRs). In addition to standard seat features, advanced seats include the following:

  • An embedded phone experience, so you never have to leave ServiceTitan

  • No longer needing to click on call bubbles and only seeing relevant call bubbles

  • Real-time call monitoring and sentiment to help you turn around a conversation mid-flight

  • Real-time recommendations to give you access to the right information the moment you need it

  • Voicemail drop to enable you to move onto your next call quickly and efficiently

  • In-queue callback to provide a better overall hold experience for customers

  • You can be added to both call centers and departments

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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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