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Schedule and manage non-job eventsLast updated on 04/25/2023

Schedule technicians for one-time and recurring non-job events such as training sessions, company meetings, paid time off (PTO), or parts runs. You can track these events on the Dispatch Board.

Use timesheet codes to determine the event type and whether the event is paid or not. For non-job events that shouldn’t affect payroll, deselect Needs a Timesheet?

Things to know

  • Set up timesheet codes for each of the non-job events you want to schedule. Make sure to specify whether the event is paid or not.

  • For non-job events that shouldn’t affect payroll, deselect Needs a Timesheet?. In addition to not showing up in payroll reporting, non-job events created without a timesheet won’t show up on the Schedule Board calendar, technician timesheets, or ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • If a technician has an overlapping job timesheet event and non-job event, they cannot be double-paid. They are only credited for the non-job event.

  • If you use Technician Clock I/O, you can configure timesheet codes so that technicians must be clocked in to receive credit for a non-job event. When adding a timesheet code, select Exclude from reports if technician fails to clock in.

Schedule a non-job event

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch. The Dispatch Board opens.

  2. Click a technician’s timeline when you want to schedule the event. The New Event pop-up opens.

  3. In the Event Name field, enter a name.

  4. If a timesheet code is needed, leave Needs a Timesheet? selected then choose a timesheet code from the dropdown.

  5. If a timesheet code isn’t needed, deselect Needs a Timesheet?.

  6. When you’re finished, click Create Event. Or, to enter additional details, click Edit Event.

Edit or delete a non-job event

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch. The Dispatch Board opens.

  2. Click the event you want to update and click Edit Event.

    Note: To delete an event, click Delete. If the event has already occurred, the event is removed from the technician’s timesheet. If you make edits or delete a recurring non-job event, a pop-up opens with options on how you want the changes to affect recurring events:

    • Only this event: Changes only affect this single event

    • Following events: Changes affect this and future events

    • All events: Changes affect all events, including past events. Editing the duration affects completed events on previous timesheets.

    Edit Event opens.

  3. Edit the event as needed. To add other technicians to the event, enter their names in the add more members here field and click Add. Tip: Enter the first few letters of the technician’s name to search for them.

    Note: To remove a technician from the event, click Delete icon-close.png by their name.

  4. To schedule the event for the entire day, select All Day. To schedule a recurring event, select Repeat. The Repeat pop-up opens.

    1. Use the Repeats dropdown to set whether to repeat the event by day, week, month, or year.

    2. In the Repeat every field, enter how often to repeat the event based on the previous selection. For example, if you select Daily and enter 3, the event repeats every third day. Note: For weekly repeated events, you can select multiple days in a week for the event to be scheduled.

    3. In the Ends section, set whether you want the event to be scheduled on an ongoing basis, after a set number of events, or up until a set date.

    4. When you’re finished, click Done.

  5. Use the timesheet code dropdown to update the timesheet code for the event.

  6. Edit these checkboxes to manage how you want the event to be handled in ServiceTitan:

    • Clear this from the technician’s calendar once event is over: Removes the event from the technician’s schedule after it ends

    • Clear this from dispatch board once event is over: Removes the event from the Dispatch Board after it ends

    • Remove technician from open capacity board: Removes the technician from the open capacity board for the duration of the event

  7. Enter any additional details about the event in the text field. When you’re finished, click Save.

Manage events on the Dispatch Board

From the Dispatch Board, you can see non-job events:

  • Completed events have a Check icon-check.png

  • Upcoming events have a Bookmark icon-bookmark-filled.png

You can edit and delete completed and upcoming events.

Note: If you delete a completed event, it is also deleted from the technician’s timesheet. To remove an event from the Dispatch Board without deleting it, edit the event and select Clear this from dispatch board once event is over.

Move events on the Dispatch Board

Drag an event on the Dispatch Board timeline to change the scheduled time.

Complete an event in progress

If an event in progress finishes before the scheduled end time, click the event on the Dispatch Board and select Complete Event.

The event ends immediately and the technician is credited for the non-job event up until the new end time.

Manage non-job timesheets

Update, add, and delete events by editing non-job timesheets.

Note: To edit timesheets, you must have the View Timesheet and Edit Timesheet permissions enabled. Contact your company administrator for details.

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