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Use the Schedule BoardLast updated on 09/14/2022

The Schedule Board calendar displays booked appointments, recurring jobs, and non-job events. Use it to get a quick overview of your month, week, three-day period, or day.

To get to the Schedule Board, go to the main navigation and then click the Schedule icon.

If you use Technician Shifts or Adjustable Capacity Planning, you can find those tabs at the top of the Schedule Board.

Note: Account configuration is required to use Technician Shifts and Adjustable Capacity Planning. To update your account, please contact Technical Support for details.

Things to know

  • The Schedule Board is color-coded:

    • You can assign technicians a unique color by going to Settings > People > Technicians then clicking Edit on the technician you want to edit.

    • If you group your locations into zones, you can assign zones a unique color by going to Settings > Operations > Zones then clicking Edit on the zone you want to edit.

    • If multiple technicians are assigned, then the color of the first technician assigned is used.

    • If there are no technicians assigned, then the color of the location's zone is used.

    • If there is no zone or technician is assigned, then the default color is green.

  • You can hover over a job to see essential details about the job.

  • Unbooked jobs are orange. Click the unbooked jobs to book a job for it. You can also click the Trash can icon from the Schedule Board to dismiss the unbooked job.

  • If a job has more than one technician assigned to it, you see the multiple technician icon. When you hover over the job, you see the names of the technicians.

Filter the Schedule Board

You can use a variety of filters to zoom in to the calendar for a specific day or business unit, or zoom out and see everything your business has scheduled for the next month.

Filter by date Click on a specific day in the calendar to go to the schedule for that day. You can also click the arrow buttons to move forward or backward by one day.

You can also click month, week, 3 day, or day to change the range of time the Schedule Board shows:

Use the View Mode dropdown to view the schedule board by all events, recurring service events, booked appointments, and non-job events. Select All to see all events.

Filter by project To filter the Schedule Board by project, enter the project number in the PROJECT field. Filtering the Schedule Board by project shows you the technicians that are assigned to a specific project which helps you manage technicians working on projects.

Filter by business unit, zones, technicians, and more Use the filters to change what you see on the Schedule Board. You can filter by event type, business unit, zone, technician, job class, job type, tag type, and project number.

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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.