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Export sales tax to QuickBooks OnlineLast updated on 02/28/2023

ServiceTitan’s integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO) allows you to track and manage sales tax in QuickBooks. With the integration, you’re able to associate ServiceTitan tax zones to QuickBooks sales tax rate which automatically applies the right sales tax when invoices are exported.

Before you apply sales tax to your transactions and export them to QBO, you need to complete the setup in ServiceTitan and QuickBooks. The setup ensures your tax zones are mapped to QuickBooks sales tax rates and that transactions with sales tax are accurately exported to QBO. To begin setup, first ensure QBO sales tax tracking is enabled and the proper method of tracking sales tax in QBO is selected. With QBO you can manage sales tax manually or automatically. Make your selection based on your business’ accounting method, as ServiceTitan supports both.

Note: Certain QBO sales tracking methods may not be available or cannot be turned off. Please contact Intuit if you have questions about enabling or disabling sales tax in QBO.

Manual sales tax

Use the manual method if your business calculates taxes using the cash method. To set up manual sales tax, see Set up manual sales tax in QBO.

Automated sales tax

Use the automated sales tax (AMT) method if your business calculates taxes using the accrual method. To set up automated sales tax, see Set up automated sales tax in QBO.

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