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Get started with Reputation ManagementLast updated on 09/23/2022

With Marketing Pro Reputation, send, manage, and track review requests sent through SMS or email to give you more control over your business reputation. In Marketing Pro Reputation, you can also create locations associated with more than a business unit (BU) to help you engage more customers efficiently in building your business reputation. Also, you can send alerts to remind your team to respond, match, verify, and work on the SMS and email review requests sent to them.

Things to know

  • Before you start using Marketing Pro Reputation, set your Marketing Pro email settings then connect your social media accounts to ServiceTitan Marketing Pro Reputation by adding locations to your account.

  • Create templates for SMS and email messages, and select the social media accounts included in every template.

  • If different locations are connected to the same business unit, the system will use the smart route calculator system to locate the closer job to send the review requests.

  • If the location is connected to only one business unit, review requests are sent at once without a route calculator.

Manage locations

You can manage locations, including create, edit, and remove them, at any time.

Create a location

To send review requests to the customers according to the location:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Marketing.

  2. On the side menu, click Locations.

  3. Click Create Location. Note: If you have multiple locations you can create an entry for each one.

  4. In the Location section, provide the location details:

    1. Business Name: Name of your business

    2. Featured Description: Call-to-action statement for your business used on the platforms

    3. Address: Address of the location

    4. Primary and Secondary Category: Categories of your business

    5. Phone Number: Phone number of the location

    6. Business Units: BU of the location Note: You can add the same business unit to more than one location to send review requests and connect to your existing listings.

    7. Logo: Logo of the location Note: The logo size is preferred to be more than 180x180 px and less than 30MB.

  5. When you’re done, click Save.

    ServiceTitan searches the web for existing listings and reviews for your location. If none exist, new accounts will be created for the missing sites.

Edit a location

To change your location details at any time:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Marketing > Locations.

  2. On the Locations page, find the location you want and click Edit.

  3. Make changes and save the updates. Note: Business units can be inactive if connected to a review generation survey, therefore you can't remove it from the location.

Manage Location listings
  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Marketing > Locations.

  2. Find the location you want on the Locations page, and click Manage Listings.

  3. In Manage Listings in Locations, you can view the status of each site and if any need attention.

    Tip: If you can’t link directly to a business Google review, use a Google search query instead. First, enter and then the name of your business. Instead of spaces between each word, use a +. For example, if your business is named Northwest Heating and Cooling, enter the following for your Google account link:

  4. Click Verify Data next to each account link to make sure it connects to your website.

Remove failed or canceled locations
  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Marketing > Locations.

  2. In Locations, if a location State shows Failed or Canceled, click Remove.

The location is removed from your locations.

Manage Alerts

Manage your alerts, including add, edit, activate, and deactivate them for review requests.

Add Alerts
  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Marketing.

  2. On the side menu, click Alerts.

  3. Click Add Alert.

  4. On the New Alert page that opens, provide the alert details:

    • Type: Type of the alert; for example, it can be a No Response alert.

    • Details: Number of day(s) waiting between publishing the review and receiving a response from your team before sending the alert.

    • Delivery Method: Method of the alert delivery

    • Recipients: Name of the person who receives the alert

  5. When you’re done, click Save. Note: To change your alert details at any time, find the alert you want to update, hover on it and click Edit.

Activate / Deactivate Alerts

You can activate or deactivate a single alert or many at once.

To activate or deactivate a single alert, go to Alerts and hover over the alert you want to activate or deactivate. Then click Activate / Deactivate.

Tip: To activate or deactivate alerts in bulk, click the checkbox next to the Type column to select all, or click the checkbox for the specific alerts you want to include, and then click Activate / Deactivate.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.