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Review invoices before batchingLast updated on 03/22/2022

Review invoices before batching

Before you batch your invoices, review them to ensure that the invoice details are correct. This is important as you will not be able to edit an invoice after it is exported to your accounting system.

Is the correct business unit tied to the job?

To change the business unit, navigate to the job record and click the Editicon-pencil.png.

Is there an invoice summary?

This should be a summary of the work completed by the technician. This is usually entered by the technician while on the job. The invoice summary is on the printed and emailed customer invoice.

Is the invoice correct?

Make sure the correct pricebook items have been added. Also, check the total and subtotal amounts on the invoice to make sure it is correct.

Is there at least one Pricebook item on the invoice?

Even if this is a No Charge job, there should be at least one pricebook item on the invoice (if it's No Charge, typically this will be a $0 item). Never close out a blank invoice - every invoice should have at least one service, equipment, or chargeable material item. Note:Invoices with no pricebook tasks, equipment, or chargeable materials will not export. It is OK to export an invoice with a $0 balance. You can have a $0 Pricebook item on the invoice, and this will not cause any exporting errors.

Does the invoice contain all the materials used on the job?

Check to make sure that the technician added all the materials used to the invoice. This will affect your job costing and inventory reporting.

Is the sales tax correct?

If your business charges sales tax, check that sales tax has calculated properly. Note: If the service location tax zone or the tax zone rate changes after the invoice is created, a Refresh appears next to the tax total on the invoice. Click Refreshicon-refresh.png to recalculate tax on the invoice. Also, if needed, click Update Invoice Detail to change tax zones on invoices.

Has the membership been activated?

If a membership was sold on the invoice, check the service location and ensure the membership was applied. You should also ensure the proper recurring services appear on the membership.

Have the technician splits been entered correctly?

Make sure that the job splits have been assigned correctly to each technician who worked the job. Go to the invoice, and click Adjust Splits.

Are the timesheets correct?

Check your technicians’ timesheets. From the job record, click the job actions dropdown then Timesheets to review the timesheets.

Have the invoice and/or estimate been sent to the customer?

If you want to make sure an invoice or estimate was emailed, you can see this in the job audit trail. In the job record click the Email tab under Job History.

Has the job been closed out?

Go to the job to make sure the status is Completed. You cannot batch an invoice if the job is not done.

Is there an invoice date?

You can add an invoice date by clicking into the invoice, and updating the invoice details. Go to the invoice, click Update invoice details. Then, update the Invoice Date field.

Are payments entered correctly?

If a payment was applied, check that the selected payment type is correct and that it was successfully processed.

Does the customer have a balance?

If the customer has a balance, collect payment. Note: You can batch invoices that have not been fully paid. You can batch the invoice, then batch the payments separately. After you’ve finished reviewing the invoice, you can add it to a batch.

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