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Reschedule a job with ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 09/14/2022

Manage your own schedule by using the rescheduling link on a job in ServiceTitan Mobile. If you are currently at the job, use the Closeout button then schedule another appointment instead.

To reschedule an appointment, tap VIEW JOB on the appointment you want to reschedule and use the Reschedule link.

Things to know

  • The Reschedule an appointment permission is required to reschedule from the mobile app.

  • You cannot reschedule an appointment if there is already a timesheet linked to that appointment.

Reschedule an appointment

  1. In the top navigation, tap ALL JOBS.

  2. Find the appointment you want to reschedule then tap VIEW JOB. The job screen opens.

  3. Under the scheduled date, tap Reschedule.

    The Reschedule Appointment screen opens.

  4. Tap the Date field then select a date from the calendar that opens.

  5. Tap the Time field. A clock opens.

  6. Tap the hour and select a time on the clock. Tap the minute then select a time on the clock. Finally, select if the appointment will be in the AM or PM.

  7. Tap CLOSEOUT. A confirmation opens.

  8. If everything is correct, tap RESCHEDULE.

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