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Set up your account for replacement opportunitiesLast updated on 03/23/2022

Replacement opportunities are potential jobs to replace aging equipment. Replacement opportunity conversion tags are used when equipment installed at a service location reaches its replacement age. These tags make it easy to identify replacement opportunities and to track sales and conversion metrics.

Things to know


When a piece of equipment is installed at a service location, the conversion opportunity tag for that equipment type is attached in ServiceTitan. The age of the equipment is tracked based on the installation job completion date.

When the equipment item reaches the replacement age for that equipment type, the tag appears as a replacement opportunity on the customer record, call booking screen, job record, and in ServiceTitan Mobile. This alerts technicians and customer service representatives (CSRs) that the customer’s equipment needs replacing.

For example, you install an HVAC system for a customer. In your settings, HVAC systems have a 12-year replacement age. After 12 years, when the customer calls to book a job, the replacement opportunity tag shows up on the Call Booking screen. This alerts the CSR that the customer’s system is ready to be replaced.

The services in your pricebook that install equipment use conversion opportunity tags that correspond to the tags of the aging equipment. When a service’s conversion opportunity tag matches the replacement opportunity tag on the job:

  • If the service is on a sold estimate, the replacement opportunity is sold or closed

  • If the service is on a completed job invoice, the replacement opportunity is converted

Track replacement leads

Typically, a replacement lead is set on a service or maintenance job with a replacement opportunity tag. If the technician working the job convinces the customer to book a sales job to replace the aging equipment, they are credited with the lead.

A replacement lead is set when:

The Technician Performance and Business Unit Performance report templates include key performance indicators (KPIs) that report on replacement lead metrics.

You can also track replacement leads in the Service and Maintenance divisions of Technician Scorecards on the Modular Dashboard. Click the Lead Generation tab and click Replacements.

Set up your account

Set up your tags, equipment types, and pricebook items to track replacement opportunities.

Create conversion opportunity tags

Create conversion opportunity tags for each of your equipment types. These tags are used to identify equipment replacement opportunities and to track close and conversion rates.

Note: Make sure to select Conversion opportunity in the tag details.

Add tags and replacement ages to your equipment types

When you create equipment types, enter replacement ages and add conversion opportunity tags for each equipment type. The tags are used to identify replacement opportunities when the installed equipment reaches the replacement age.

Assign equipment types in your pricebook

To track equipment replacement age, edit your pricebook so that your equipment items are assigned the correct equipment type in the Type field of the Details tab.

Add conversion opportunity tags to your pricebook

To track sold and conversion rates, the pricebook services that install equipment must have conversion opportunity tags that match the tags for the equipment type.

For example, a customer record has an AC System replacement opportunity tag and they book an HVAC system install job. If the HVAC installation service item on the invoice includes the AC System conversion tag, the completed job is considered converted and technicians who worked the job are credited with the conversion.

Edit your pricebook so that each service that installs equipment includes the tag that corresponds with the equipment type. Add the tag in the Conversion Tags field of the Details tab in your pricebook.

For more information, see Replacement Opportunities.

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