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Replace items on invoices and estimates in MobileLast updated on 03/02/2023

Replace items on invoices and estimates in Mobile

You can replace items on an invoice or estimate without deleting them manually. Because the quantity of items stays the same, replacing items is more accurate and efficient.

For example, if you need to swap out 43 feet of 3" drain pipe on an invoice for 4" pipe, you can use the REPLACE button to select the correct pipe without having to manually delete the original item or reenter the quantity.

To replace an item:

  1. From the side menu of the job you’re working on, tap INVOICE to replace items on the invoice or tap ESTIMATES and go to the estimate you want to replace items on.

  2. From the invoice or estimate, tap REPLACE for the item you want to replace.

    The item screen opens. Note: The REPLACE button is also available on an item’s Edit details screen.

  3. Tap BACK to go to the item category in your pricebook.

  4. Tap REPLACE for the item you want to add in place of the original item.

    Note: If the replacement item is not in the same category as the original item, find the replacement item in your pricebook and tap REPLACE. The Replacement Confirmation pop-up opens.

  5. Adjust the quantity of the replacement item, if needed, and tap REPLACE.

The replacement item appears in the place of the original item.

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