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Refund unapplied paymentLast updated on 03/31/2022

ServiceTitan’s automated refund workflow simplifies creating and processing refunds. Not only is it more efficient, automated refunds ensure GL accounting is correct.

Things to know

  • Common reasons for creating a refund:

    • Job was not performed to customer’s satisfaction

    • Incorrect amount was charged to the customer

    • Job was canceled

    • Customer has a credit balance  

    • Customer overpaid

  • Refunds can be for the full or partial invoice amount.

  • You can choose the refund method: check, credit card, or ACH

  • You can see the transaction detail for unapplied credits offset by refunds with the View Offset Credits toggle.

Best practices

  • As you’re creating a refund, hover over the Information icon-info-black.png icons for additional details.

  • Use default options when you set up refunds to ensure accounting entries are handled correctly.

Refund unapplied payment

You can refund a payment that has not been applied to an invoice:

  1. Open the customer’s record you want to refund.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the customer screen and locate the unapplied payment you want to refund in the Available Credits (Unapplied Payments) section.

  3. Select Refund Payment by clicking More icon-more.png and selecting Refund Payment.

  4. Enter Refund Information:

    1. Select Refund Reason.

      Note: If you can’t find an applicable refund reason, select Other and enter a reason. The reason will display in your payment report.

    2. Enter a Refund Amount dollar amount or percentage. Note: You can only refund up to the amount of an unapplied payment.

      Note: Depending on the taxable status of the refund, a portion of the refund will be allocated to tax. If you mark the refund tax as nontaxable, tax will not affect the refund.

    3. Select a Refund Method.

  5. When you’re done, click Save.

  6. Review Refund Record for accuracy.

    Note: Click Advanced Options to add a memo for the refund record or to edit the refund date.

  7. Click Save. This screen opens:

  8. Click Process Refund. A confirmation notification appears.

    Tip: You can refresh the invoice page to confirm Refund Status.

  9. To see a payment that is fully offset by an unapplied credit, click View offset credits on the Customer profile.

    Transaction details display.

    Note: If you do not click View offset credits, No records available displays.

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