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Book a recall job from an existing jobLast updated on 03/22/2022

If a technician completes a job but the problem that the customer had persists, then you will want to book a recall job (sometimes called a callback job). This type of job is one where the technician will essentially be redoing the same job and working on the same issue as in the original job.

Things to know

  • You can only recall jobs that have been marked as completed. To make changes to an upcoming job, see Reschedule a job.

  • You can tell that a job is a recall from the R next to the bill-to name.

  • Because additional sales or revenue are not expected from them, recall jobs are automatically be set as N/C (No Charge) jobs.

  • If you've set up recall, warranty, and lead job booking guides, you can book the job as a new job. For more information, see Set recall, warranty, lead job booking guides.

Book a recall job

  1. From the completed job you would like to recall, select Recall from the dropdown.

  2. Enter the relevant information, then click Create. The job you create will automatically be attached to the original job as a recall.

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