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Use property dataLast updated on 04/19/2023

Use Property Data to drive business decisions and improve business outcomes. Customer service representatives (CSRs) can use Property Data to save time and identify key opportunities, dispatchers can use it to choose the best technician for the job, and technicians can use it to arrive equipped and ready to provide the best customer experience.

Things to know

  • By default, front office employees can use the Property Data Display. For technicians, enable the See Property Data permission.

  • The Property Data Display is accessible only to customers in states within the U.S. The Property Data Display does not include data for U.S. territories.

  • Data availability and completion varies between counties due to different county reporting requirements. Some data may be unavailable or incomplete for certain counties.

  • The data shown in the Property Data widget is provided by a third party and comes from property information from local county assessor and recorder offices. Because of this, some Property Data details, such as estimated market value, may differ from other data providers, such as Zillow or Redfin.

  • Age of property is a leading indicator of equipment age, which can help you determine the potential value of a job. For example, properties that are nearing 15 years old tend to require major HVAC services or other high-value jobs. Other data points, like square footage, can make it easier for CSRs and technicians to quickly build estimates for a job.

Use the Property Data Display

We recommend the following best practices when using the Property Data Display:

  • Check to see if the property is owner-occupied or not.

  • Check the age, square footage, and value of the home to see if there's an upsell opportunity.

You can use the Property Data Display from the following places in ServiceTitan:

  • Call Booking

  • Dispatch Board

  • Job Record

  • ServiceTitan Mobile

Call Booking

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Calls.

  2. Search for or create a new customer.

  3. Select the location. If the location record pops up, close it.

  4. Click Property Data to see details about the customer’s location.

Dispatch Board

Right-click on a job from the Dispatch Board, then click View Property Data.

Job Record

Go to the job using search or the Dispatch Board, then click Property Data.

ServiceTitan Mobile

Go to the job, then click Property Data.

Information provided by the Property Data Display

The Property Data Display shows property details across four categories:

  • Property Details: High-level details of the property, including address, lot size, and property type.

  • Interior Details: Interior details of the property, including the total number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms.

  • Construction Details: Details about the property’s construction, including materials used, heating and cooling methods, and architectural style.

  • Assessor Details: Details from the tax assessor’s office, including the tax assessed value, taxed assessed year, and whether or not the property is occupied by the owner.

For more on property details, see the tables below.

Property Detail

Full Address

The full address of the property.

Property Category

General property type; residential, commercial, or other.

Property Type

Description of how the property is used. Property Type can change from property to property, as it is determined differently in different areas.

Remodel Year

The most recent major structural change made to the property.

Building Area Definition

Area in square feet of the building area. Building Area Definition is measured differently by individual counties, and may define the living area, heated area, or gross area.

Building Area

Area in square feet of all occupiable structures on the property.

Gross Area

Area in square feet of all structures on the property, including non-occupiable areas.

Lot Size (Acres)

The lot size of the property in acres.

Lot Size (Sq. Ft.)

The lot size of the property in square feet.

Garage Type

Whether or not a garage is present on the property, as well as other garage details including if the garage is attached or not.

Garage Size

The size of the garage in square feet.

Interior Details

Property Detail


Total number of bathrooms on the property, including partial bathrooms.

Partial Bathrooms

Total number of partial bathrooms on the property.


Total number of bedrooms on the property.

Total Rooms

Total number of rooms, including bedrooms, on the property. Total Rooms is measured differently by individual counties, and may reflect bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, or a combination of the above.


Total number of stories on the property. If there are multiple buildings on the property, Stories indicates the total number of stories across all buildings.

Construction Details

Property Detail

Foundation Type

The type of foundation used for the primary structure on the property.

Structure Style

The structural style or the presence of specific architectural elements on the property.

Cooling Type

The method or system used by the property for cooling.

Heating Type

The method or system used by the property for heating.

Heating Fuel Type

The primary fuel used by the heating system on the property.

Fireplace Type

If present, the type of fireplace present on the property.

Number of Fireplaces

Total number of fireplaces present on the property.

Roof Material

The primary material used to finish the roof of the property.

Assessor Details

Property Detail

Owner Occupied

This is a logic based field that indicates whether or not the property is occupied by the owner or not. Can be Owner Occupied, Not Occupied, or Unknown.

Assessment Year

The year the property was originally assessed.

Tax Assessed Year

The total assessed value of the property by the tax assessor’s office.

Market Value Year

The year the property’s market value was last assessed.

Estimate Market Value

The total estimated market value provided by public offices. Note: Estimated Market Value does not reflect formal appraisal based on current conditions.

Year Built

The year the primary structure on the property was built.

Last Sold Date

The date of the most recent sale of the property.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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