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Generate actualsLast updated on 03/22/2022

You can generate actuals from materials and equipment on projects. You can also generate labor actuals from timesheets and labor invoice items.

Generate actuals from materials and equipment

To generate actuals for materials and equipment, add them to an invoice with invoice closeout by creating a purchase order or manually add them directly to the invoice.

Generate actuals with invoice closeout

For more on invoice closeout, see Requisition and Invoice Closeout.

Add materials or equipment to an invoice to generate actuals
  1. Go to the navigation bar and click the search search-iconicon.

  2. From the What do you want to search for? dropdown, select Project and click the search icon.

  3. Select the project for which you want to generate actuals.

  4. From the Invoice table, select the invoice to which you want to add materials or equipment.

  5. Click Add a material or Add equipment.

  6. Add equipment or material details.

  7. When you’re done, click Save.

Repeat these steps as needed.

Generate actuals from labor

Generate actuals with technician timesheets

To generate actuals with technician timesheets, technicians must log in and out of the ServiceTitan Mobile app. After technicians log in, they can add parts and purchase orders (POs) to invoices as they use these parts.

Keep these details in mind when generating actuals with technician timesheets:

  • Mark an estimate as sold but do not book your labor items into a job to ensure that labor actuals come from technician timesheets.

  • Technicians must be signed in to ServiceTitan Mobile, clock in and out of the job, and mark it as Done for now. Note: If technicians don’t mark Done for now, then they won’t be able to see their next job.

  • As technicians accumulate timesheet hours, their labor actuals accumulate and attribute to the labels on the job type and the labels applied to their profile in Settings. Note: Jobs don’t need to be completed for the labor actuals to generate in Budget vs Actual and Expense Detail tables.

  • When technicians add items to an invoice, the items have the job type’s label added to the labels that are applied to it either on the estimate or the pricebook. It’s important to add a phase label to a job type because technicians can’t add or modify labels. Technicians can only add POs, materials, and equipment to the invoice.

  • If you use a PO on a job, it also inherits the job’s labels. When you add an item with pricebook labels to a PO, these labels on the item get auto-applied to the PO as well. PO items first receive the job label, followed by the pricebook labels.

  • If you want to change the labels for a technician’s labor, then edit the splits on an invoice. Each split allows the selection of one or more project label. By default, any labels assigned to a technician in Settings is displayed.

Generate actuals with subcontractor labor

Use this method if your technicians do not enter information in the ServiceTitan Mobile app, because labor is performed by subcontractors.

Note: Use this method to generate actuals if timesheets for technicians are managed in the office.

Materials can be used to account for work that subcontractors perform on a project. To do so, create a subcontractor material and apply labor labels to it:

  1. Log labor actuals for subcontractors.

    1. Create a material for each type of subcontractor labor that needs to be tracked in the project. For more, see Add materials to your pricebook.

    2. Apply the labor labels to the materials.

      1. Go to the navigation bar, and click Pricebook.

      2. From the side menu, click Materials.

      3. Click the pencil icon for the material you want to apply a labor label to.

      4. Under the Details tab, in the Project Label field select a labor label.

      5. When you’re done, click Save.

  2. Create POs on the job and add the material that represents subcontractor labor to track the pay and hours that will be paid to subcontractors as the work is completed. Note: You can create a PO for each day of work or you can have a single PO for the aggregate labor costs for the entire phase:

    1. Go to the navigation bar and click the search icon.

    2. From the What do you want to search for? dropdown, select Project and click the search icon.

    3. Select a project.

    4. From the Jobs table, select the job for which you want to create a PO.

    5. From the dropdown, select Purchase Order....

    6. In the Purchase order details fly-out menu, enter PO details.

      1. The Qty field in the Items List table should reflect the number of hours that are accumulated during the job and the cost should reflect the hourly pay for the subcontractors.

      2. In order to classify subcontractor labor correctly, we recommend adding project labels to the PO in this order: Phase, Labor, Subtype of Labor.

      3. A label doesn’t need to be applied to the PO if

        • The job to which the PO is added already contains a phase label.

        • The materials that represent labor and the specific subtype of labor already have applicable labels applied in the pricebook.

    7. When you’re done, click Create.

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