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Create change ordersLast updated on 04/07/2022

If a modification to the contract adjusts the contract value and forecasted expenses for the project, you can create a new estimate on the project to capture the impact of the change order and have the changes reflected on the project. Use a Change Order project label and category so that your updates are reflected correctly in the project.

For example, the original contract value on your project is $100,000. During the project, there are changes to the project that were not foreseen which increases the cost of completing the project by $15,000. To account for this increase in cost you can create a change order in the amount of $16,500 in order to recover the increase in cost with a 10% margin.

Create a change order to account

Create a change order to account for any updates in the project budget:

  1. Create a Change Order label and category. For how, see Project labels.

  2. Create a new estimate in the project. For more, see Manage estimates in ServiceTitan.

    1. As you create the estimate, in the Project Label field, select the Change Order label.

  3. Add items to the estimate to reflect your change order.

  4. You can now sell the estimate with the change order to generate a budget. For more, see Sell estimates in ServiceTitan.

  5. After you generate a budget with the change order, actuals can be generated. To generate actuals, assign the Change Order label as the first label for each item in the invoice or PO. Tip: Assigning the Change Order label as the first label for each item ensures that the change order is at the highest level of hierarchy of all change order related costs.

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