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ProfitStars (Check) Transaction Report GuideLast updated on 03/22/2022

This report provides a list of all ProfitStars check transactions. This report pulls data from Profitstars to give you the latest Check payments. All ACH and Mobile Check Deposit transactions made through your ServiceTitan Payments ProfitStars account will show up in this report.

Common uses for this report:

  • Use this report to view transaction type, transaction date, status, amount, account number, check number, invoice, and payment batch number.

How to find this report:

To find the ProfitStars (Check) Transaction report, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Reports 2.0 > click Create New > click ProfitStars (Check) Transaction.

  2. Enter the New ProfitStars (Check) Transaction Report details. Then, click Create.

  3. Now you can set the filters, and run the report.

Report filters

Date Range

Filter by date range. Use the From and To fields to set a custom date range.

Reference Number

Filter by reference number. This report can be run by a single reference number.

Transaction Type

Filter by transaction type. This report can be run by a single transaction type or all transaction types.

View or download the report

Click Run to view the report.

The report can be downloaded in two different formats:

  • Export to PDF

  • Export to Excel

Explanation of report columns

The report includes the following columns:

Transaction Type

ACH or Mobile Check Deposit.

Transaction Date

Date the transaction was made.


Latest transaction status.

Name of Account

Name on the account.

Reference Number

ProfitStars reference number.


The ServiceTitan Bill-To customer for the invoice where the corresponding payment was applied. Click the name to open up the Customer Details screen for this customer in a new screen.


Transaction amount.

Account Number

Last four digits of the account number the ACH payment will be taken from.

Check Number

Check number (if provided by user entering payment).


Invoice IDs for all invoices where this payment was applied. Click the invoice IDs to drill down into the Invoice Details report.

Payment Batch Number

The batch number of the batch this payment is a part of. Click a batch number to open up the batch details screen in a new window for that batch.

You can edit the ProfitStars (Check) Transaction report to show additional report fields. The table below contains the additional report fields you can include in your report.

Merchant ID

The ProfitStars merchant ID that this transaction was processed under.

Payment Origin

Method used to obtain ACH Authorization

Payment Type

Type of payment ((as defined by ProfitStars)

Settlement Status

Whether a transaction has been deposited.


User that originated the transaction (as defined by ProfitStars)

Explanation of report totals:

You can view total for Amount, by scrolling to the bottom of the report.

Total Amount

Sum of all the amounts in the ProfitStars (Check) Transaction Report.

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