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Process a check payment / bank transfer (ACH) directly in ServiceTitanLast updated on 09/08/2022

In ServiceTitan, you can process customer checks or bank transfers (ACH) to pay for equipment or services.

Things to know

  • Before you start, read about compliance regulations for accepting ACH payments. For more information, see Guide to ACH payment compliance.

  • If you haven't already signed up for ServiceTitan Payments, see Accept payments in ServiceTitan.

  • If a customer mails in a check or wants to do a bank transfer over the phone, you can process the payment by navigating to the invoice.

  • You can also store the customer’s bank information for future payments.

Best Practices

  • Make sure you have gathered authorization from the customer before processing an ACH payment.

  • When processing checks:

    • Hold on to physical checks (if provided) for at least seven days, regardless of whether you are keying in account/routing numbers or taking pictures of checks.

    • Shred and discard physical checks thereafter.

Process a bank transfer

To process a check payment / bank transfer (ACH) directly in ServiceTitan:

  1. Go to the invoice. For more on finding invoices, see Navigate to an invoice

  2. Click Add a Payment.

  3. Enter payment information.

    • Amount—This defaults to the full balance of the invoice, but you can enter any amount.

    • Type—Select Check or any equivalent payment type, for example, bank transfer.

    • Paid On—Defaults to today’s date.

    • Memo—Enter a memo on the payment. For example, you could indicate that this is a down payment.

    • Authorization Code—Leave this blank. This field automatically populates once the transaction is processed.

  4. Click Charge Account. Note: The bank can hold the check for two to three business days after the deposit.

  5. Enter the banking information.

    • Authorization Method—Select the authorization method from the dropdown. For more information about authorization methods, see Guide to ACH payment compliance.

    • Owner Name—Enter the name as it appears on the check. If no check is provided, enter the account owner.

    • Routing (ABA) Number—Enter the routing number. This can be found on the front of the check.

    • Account Number—Enter the bank account number.

    • Confirm Account Number—Confirm the bank account number.

    • Check Number—Enter the check number.

    • Store account data for future payments—Select the checkbox to store the customer’s banking information for future payments or recurring billing.

  6. When you’re done, click Charge.

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