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Print paper checksLast updated on 12/01/2022

Use the paper check printing feature to print a PDF of your employees’ checks onto check stock if they do not receive their paychecks through direct deposit.

Things to know

  • ServiceTitan only generates a PDF of your employee’s checks. You can then print the paper check yourself onto check stock. 

Print paper checks

  1.  In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your Profile icon and click Payroll Approval.

    The Payroll Dashboard opens for the employees you manage.

  2. Click the Submitted tab.

  3. On the Submitted tab, click Payroll Actions, and then select Paper Checks from the dropdown menu.

    The Select Payroll Batch to Print Paper Checks page opens displaying the employees with submitted payroll during the selected timeframe. 

  4. Select the employees from the list who need to receive paper checks.

  5. Click Download Checks. The page will close, returning you to the Payroll Dashboard, and a zip file containing a PDF of your employees’ checks downloads to your browser. You can then open the PDF and print the checks onto check stock for your employees. 

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