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Present and sell estimatesLast updated on 02/27/2023

On a job, you can build and present multiple estimates to a customer. If you sell an estimate, you can choose to perform the work now or later. Or, the office can follow up on any unsold estimates.

Things to know

  • Configure financing display on estimates in Settings > Finance > Financing Display Settings.

    • Lead with total price-shows full price first then financing

    • Lead with monthly price-shows financing price first then full price

    • Only display total price-shows only full price

    • Only display monthly price-shows only financing price

  • Changing the pricing option on an estimate does not affect past versions of the estimate already sent to the customer

Present estimates

Note: Your pricing option selection carries to all your future invoices and estimates, from job to job and customer to customer. Be sure to change your pricing option selection if you need it to display differently for a customer in the future.

  1. If you are not already on the job screen for your current job, tap Overview on the dashboard, and then tap your current job.

  2. Tap Estimates.

  3. After you have built several estimates, check the estimates you want. Before you present the estimates, you can choose what price options you want to show on the estimate.

  4. When you have decided which estimates and what price option to show, tap Present.

  5. In presentation mode, tap View to see estimate details.

  6. You can tap Findings to review form findings with the customer.

  7. If the customer agrees, sell the estimate.

Present an estimate in the contactless experience

  1. Create and present an estimate as normal. After you tap Present, tap E-Sign.

  2. Select each estimate you want to send to the customer and tap Next.

  3. Select one or more customer email addresses you want to send the estimate to, and tap Send Link. Ask the customer to check their email for a link to the Visit Assistant.

  4. Ask the customer to review, select, and sign an estimate from the Visit Assistant.

  5. If the customer agrees to an estimate, in ServiceTitan Mobile select whether or not the work is to be performed on this job and then tap Apply.

  6. Complete the job as normal.

Sell an estimate

  1. If you're not already on the job screen for your current job, tap Overview on the dashboard, and then tap your current job.

  2. Tap Estimates.

  3. Select the estimate you want and then tap Present.

  4. When the customer is ready to sign, tap View, and then tap Sell. You can also tap E-Sign for a contactless experience.

  5. You're prompted to authorize the work using a customer signature. Direct the customer to sign directly onto your tablet, and then tap Accept.

  6. After the signature is accepted, you're prompted to select whether the work for this estimate is being performed on this job or on a subsequent job.

    If you're going to perform the work immediately, tap Yes (perform work now). If the work is not going to be performed now—on another day or even later the same day—tap No (perform work later). When selected, the estimate shows when the work is to be performed.

    If you want to change when the work is completed, tap Moreicon-more.png next to an estimate, and make a new selection.

    Note: You can change when the work is performed until one of the following happens:

    • The job is marked as Complete

    • The sold estimate already has items booked onto another job's invoice

    When either of the above happens, a Lock icon-lock-solid.png shows next to the estimate, indicating when the work is to be performed and that it cannot be changed.

Edit a sold estimate

Note: If the items on an estimate have been booked into a new install job, you cannot edit or remove them.

  1. Go to the estimate you want to edit. If it's attached to the current job, tap Estimates in the side navigation. You can also access sold estimates in the Follow Up tab.

  2. Open the estimate.

  3. Remove, add, and change items on the estimate as needed.

  4. Tap Done.


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Want to learn more?

For more on showing your customers their options and selling estimates, see Best practices playbook: Presenting multiple options.

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