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Place PowerDialer campaign callsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Use PowerDialer to automatically place campaign calls from your queue. You can pause calls at any time.

Things to know

  • PowerDialer uses the ServiceTitan Phones Pro embedded dialer to place calls.

  • When PowerDialer is enabled, you are still able to receive inbound calls.

  • You can set a period of wrap-up time before PowerDialer places the next call in the campaign queue, giving customer service representatives (CSRs) time to complete any call-related tasks.

Place PowerDialer campaign calls

  1. In the navigation bar, click Phones Pro icon-phone.png to open the embedded dialer.

  2. In the embedded dialer, click Start Dialing.

    PowerDialer places a call to the next customer in the active campaign queue. If the campaign is configured to open a page, a link appears in the right corner. Click it to open a record related to the call.

    Note: A banner displays if the customer is in multiple campaigns.

  3. When you complete a call, PowerDialer dials the next number in the campaign queue.

  4. To temporarily stop PowerDialer calls, click Pause Dialing.

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