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Manage PowerDialer campaignsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Use the PowerDialer dashboard to enable PowerDialer, set call frequency, and activate and deactivate campaigns.

Things to know

  • PowerDialer uses the ServiceTitan Phones Pro embedded dialer to make calls.

  • CSR managers create PowerDialer campaigns by building targeted audiences and adding campaign settings.

Set PowerDialer campaigns

Manage your campaigns from the PowerDialer dashboard. To open the dashboard:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings settings.png.

  2. In the side panel, go to Phones Pro > PowerDialer Campaigns. The dashboard opens.

Start and pause PowerDialer

Turn the Enable PowerDialer toggle on and off to start and pause PowerDialer.

In the Frequency section, enter how many days before calling a customer again if a customer is included in multiple campaigns.

Manage active campaigns

The Active Campaigns section lists all active PowerDialer campaigns. When enabled, PowerDialer queues outgoing calls starting with the top-listed campaign. When there are no more calls left in a campaign, PowerDialer continues to the next listed campaign.

Note: Drag and drop campaigns in the Active Campaigns section to reorder the call queue.

An indicator dot next to a campaign shows its status:

  • Green—Active and in progress

  • Yellow—Ready with calls in queue

  • Red—No more calls in queue or ineligible campaign

Campaign actions

Click More icon-more.png for an active campaign to:

  • View Details—Open the campaign details record

  • Edit—Make changes to the campaign

  • Clone—Duplicate the campaign

  • Deactivate—Remove the campaign from the Active Campaigns list

Campaign details

When you select View Details for a campaign, the campaign details screen opens. You can view audience filters and user assignments.

Click Edit User Assignment to add or remove employees from the campaign’s user list.

Reactivate a campaign

Inactive Campaigns lists all deactivated campaigns. To reactivate a campaign:

  • Drag and drop the campaign from the Inactive Campaigns section to the Active Campaigns section.

  • Or, click More icon-more.png for the campaign select Reactivate.

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