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Set voicemail greetings for call centersLast updated on 03/22/2022

In ServiceTitan Phones Pro, set a voicemail greeting for customers during open or closed hours. You get to choose the hours during which operators or agents receive calls.

Things to know

  • You can set a voicemail greeting if your fallback option is Directly to voicemail or leave a voicemail as in an automated response menu.

Open call routing settings

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Phones Pro icon-phone.png to open the embedded dialer. Note: If you don’t have the embedded dialer enabled, sign in to your Dialpad account and skip to step four.

  2. In the Phones Pro embedded dialer, click the Wrench icon.

    Phone Preferences opens.

  3. Click View Dialpad Settings.

    Your Dialpad profile opens in a new tab.

  4. In Dialpad, go to Admin Settings > Call Centers. If you have multiple call centers, click the call center you want to set routing rules for. Your Dialpad profile opens in a new tab.

  5. Click Business Hours & Call Handling. The section expands.

  6. In the Call Routing section, click Edit Call Routing.

    The Call Routing screen opens.

Set a voicemail greeting

You have the option to record or upload an audio file to use in addition to the default greeting.

You have three options to set a voicemail greeting:

  • Select an existing greeting from the dropdown list

  • Record a greeting from your computer

  • Upload a greeting from your computer

Select a voicemail greeting

Select an existing MP3 from the dropdown menu.

Record a voicemail greeting
  1. Click Record a greeting.

  2. In the Record Your Greeting pop-up, enter a name for the greeting.

  3. Click Start recording and record your greeting after hearing the tone.

  4. After you’re done recording, click Click to finish recording.

The system saves the voicemail greeting and it appears in the list of greetings.

After creating a new recording, you can:

  • Click the Play icon to play the recording

  • Click the Edit icon to edit the recording

  • Click the Delete icon to delete the recording

If you have a recorded MP3 greeting on your computer, you can upload it.

Upload a voicemail greeting
  1. Click Upload (.mp3).

  2. Select an MP3 file from your computer to upload.

After the upload is complete, you can see it in the list of greetings.

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