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Set call routing rules for call centersLast updated on 03/22/2022

Set rules on how to route calls during and outside of business hours. For example, you can send calls to voicemail when your business is closed and route calls directly to agents when your business is open.

Things to know

  • Make sure to set your call center business hours so that incoming calls are correctly routed during and outside your business hours.

  • When customers call during business hours, after a certain number of rings, the customer is placed on hold. To change this, please reach out to the ServiceTitan Support Team.

Open call routing settings

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Phones Pro icon-phone.png to open the embedded dialer. Note: If you don’t have the embedded dialer enabled, sign in to your Dialpad account and skip to step four.

  2. In the Phones Pro embedded dialer, click the Wrench icon.

    Phone Preferences opens.

  3. Click View Dialpad Settings.

    Your Dialpad profile opens in a new tab.

  4. In Dialpad, go to Admin Settings > Call Centers. If you have multiple call centers, click the call center you want to set routing rules for. Your Dialpad profile opens in a new tab.

  5. Click Business Hours & Call Handling. The section expands.

  6. In the Call Routing section, click Edit Call Routing.

    The Call Routing screen opens.

Set options for routing calls to agents

If you route calls to agents during closed hours, set separate call routing options for that call center.

By choosing to send calls to agents, you also have the ability to change how long calls ring out to them before defaulting to your second option, such as a hold queue. Calls that go unanswered by any agents get routed to your fallback option. For more information, see Set up hold queues for call centers.

  1. Depending on the routing rules you want to set, click the Open Hours Routing or Closed Hours Routing tab.

  2. If it’s not already selected, select Agents.

  3. Select how you want calls to agents routed:

    • Longest idle—Calls are routed to the agent who has been idle for the longest amount of time.

    • Fixed order—Calls are routed to agents in the same fixed order. Click View and edit order to set the call order.

    • Round robin—Calls are routed to agents individually based on a rotating fixed order. The system looks at all calendars and if there’s something in that time slot it doesn’t allow you to book.

    • Skills-based—Calls are sent to the available agent with the highest skill rating. Click Rate your agents to assign skill ratings.

    • Random—Calls are routed randomly to agents.

Set other routing options

If you select Other routing options, select from the following options:

  • Directly to voicemail—Agents receive email notifications when voicemails are left.

  • To a message (no voicemail)—Callers receive a recorded message without the ability to leave voicemail. Select one of the message options:

    • Click the dropdown to select a prerecorded message. For more information, see Select a system greeting.

    • Click Record a greeting to record a new message. For more information, see Record a system greeting.

    • Click Upload to upload an MP3 file to use as a message. For more information, see Upload a system greeting.

  • To another department—Click the dropdown to choose another department to route calls to.

  • To a team member / room phone / number—Use the search field to find a team member, room, or phone number to route calls to.

  • To an automated response menu—Select this option to route callers through an automated response menu where a system greeting reads off the preset menu options you choose. If you prefer, you can record or upload your own greeting to play for your callers. For more information, see Add a system greeting.

Add a system greeting

You have three options to set a system greeting:

  • Select an existing MP3 from the dropdown list

  • Record a greeting from your computer

  • Upload a greeting from your computer

Select a system greeting

Select an existing MP3 from the dropdown menu.

Record a system greeting
  1. Click Record a greeting.

  2. In the Record Your Greeting pop-up, enter a name of the greeting.

  3. Click Start recording and record your greeting after hearing the tone.

  4. When you’re done recording, click Click to finish recording.

The system saves the greeting and it appears in the list of greetings.

Tip: After creating a new recording, you can:

  • Click the Play icon to play the recording.

  • Click the Edit icon to edit the recording.

  • Click the Delete icon to delete the recording.

Upload a system greeting

If you have a recorded MP3 greeting on your computer, you can upload it.

  1. Click Upload (.mp3).

  2. Select an MP3 file from your computer to upload.

After the upload is complete, you can see it in the list of greetings.

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