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Phones Pro glossaryLast updated on 03/22/2022

Things to know

  • Missed calls stats for your call centers reflect inbound calls that rang to your available call center representatives (CSRs) but they did not answer the call. Missed calls for departments and main line are inbound calls where Phones Pro attempted to ring out to a CSR but they did not answer.

  • The difference between a missed call and an abandoned call is that with a missed call, there are available CSRs who have been rung out to and they missed the call. In an abandoned call, Phones Pro never rang to any CSR because no CSRs were available.


  • Average call duration—Includes both incoming and outbound calls in the average and is based on the connected date and end date of the call.

  • Canceled calls—A canceled call is when a CSR places an outgoing call but hangs up before anyone picks up. This is different from an abandoned call since abandoned calls are incoming.

  • Device usage

    • Desktop app—Either the native MacOS or Windows app or the Chrome extension

    • Forwarding number—Incoming or outbound call forwarded on another public switched telephone network (PSTN) number

    • Desk phone—Any form of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) desk phone, for example, Obihai or Polycom.

  • Placed calls—Outbound calls that were connected. If a hangs up while the call is ringing and before anything picks up, it's recorded as a canceled call and not included in this section.

  • Answered calls—Inbound calls answered by a CSR. Even if the caller is routed from an interactive active voice (IVR) menu to a CSR, as long as they answer the call, it is considered a received call.

  • Timezone—Determined by your office's timezone, not individual CSRs. This helps keep your analytics consistent across all CSRs within your office.

  • Total calls—All calls that have been received or placed, including missed, abandoned, and canceled.

  • Voicemails—An inbound call where the caller left a voicemail. Voicemails are also included in missed calls if the system attempted to ring out to a CSR that did not answer, and in abandoned calls, if the call was transferred straight to a CSR’s voicemail.

Call center

  • Abandoned calls—An inbound call that did not end up ringing your CSRs. An inbound call is classified as abandoned if:

    • Caller was in the hold queue but hung up before they reached a CSR

    • Caller was routed directly to your call center voicemail. This can occur if your call center is closed or no CSRs are on duty.

    • Caller calls during your call center closed hours

  • Service level—The percentage of calls answered during open hours that last beyond the time threshold set for that call center. For example, if you set the time to the default 60 seconds, you can view the percentage of calls answered that lasted at least 60 seconds during open hours. Short abandoned calls are excluded from this metric. The answer time is calculated as the difference between the moment the call arrives and when it connects to a CSR.

  • Short abandoned calls—Short abandoned calls happen when your callers hang up after entering your hold queue within a specific time frame and are not rung out to a CSR. These are excluded from service level calculations.

  • Missed calls—Inbound calls that were routed to your available CSRs but they did not answer. The difference between a missed call and an abandoned call is that with a missed call, there are available CSRs who have been rung out to but they did not answer. In an abandoned call, the system never rang out to any CSR because no CSRs were available.

Departments and main line

  • Abandoned calls—Any inbound calls that did not ring out to a CSR. This means the caller was either sent directly to voicemail, was routed to an IVR menu where the menu options are set up to forward to a different department, or was routed to an IVR menu where they hung up before selecting any of the options from the IVR menu.

  • Missed calls—Inbound calls where the system attempted to ring out to a CSR, but the CSR did not answer. When reviewing CSR stats, the total number of missed calls includes calls to the direct CSR’s line as well as any lines assigned to them.

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