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Choose your phone type for Phones ProLast updated on 09/14/2022

When you get started with Phones Pro, you need to decide what phone type you and all other Phones Pro users at your business will use. When you decide what type to use, consider personal preference, business needs, budget, and technical skills.

Types of phones

Physical phone

A physical phone is a standard business desk telephone. A few models work with Phones Pro. They can be purchased through Dialpad or CDW and then set up to work with Phones Pro. To learn more, see Order recommended hardware for Phones Pro and Set Up a User Desk Phone (Dialpad Help Center).

Embedded softphone

This option is the easiest and most seamless to use with Phones Pro. The softphone is a virtual phone built directly into ServiceTitan, so setup time and updates are instant.

When homeowners call your business, you’re able to answer, transfer, and complete a call from the job booking page. Moreover, the softphone offers features that physical phones don’t have, like pause recording, on- and off-duty indicators for coworkers, and internal chat.

Note: The softphone option is available to Advanced Seat users only. To learn more, see Use the embedded dialer.

Dialpad desktop app To access advanced Dialpad functionality, such as real-time recommendations and live alerts, you need to download the app. For more information, check the Dialpad website.

Note: You can also check the Dialpad wep app, which functions the same way as the desktop app.

Dialpad mobile phone app

This option allows users to take their work on the go. It is available on both iPhone and Android devices, as well as to both Standard and Advanced seat users. To learn more, see Getting Started with the iOS App (Dialpad Help Center) and Getting Started with the Android App (Dialpad Help Center).

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