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Review payrollLast updated on 03/22/2022

After a pay period, managers and administrators can review and edit payroll before releasing it for employee approvals.

Things to know

  • Managers can only review payroll for the employees assigned to them.

  • Administrators can review payroll for all employees.

  • You can review payroll for technicians and office employees at the same time. Note: Office Timesheets require account configuration. Please contact Technical Support for details.

Review team payroll

  1. In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your Profile icon and click Payroll Approval.

    The Payroll Dashboard opens for the employees you manage.

  2. You can filter the table using the following dropdowns:

    • Payroll Period—List of current and previous pay periods

    • Manager—Filters employees by manager Note: Available to administrators. Managers only see their own name.

    • Employee Business Unit—Filters employees by the business unit they’re assigned to

      The table updates automatically.

View the payroll table

The payroll table lists the following columns of payroll details:

  • Employee—Name of the technician or office employee

  • Manager—Manager assigned to employee

  • Timesheet Pay—Total hourly earnings for the pay period

  • Performance Pay—Total bonus and commission pay earned in the pay period

  • Total Hours—Number of paid hours and minutes logged by the employee

  • Employee Status—Status of the employee’s payroll:

    • Not Received—Payroll has not yet been released to the employee. Employee can view payroll, but cannot approve it.

    • Pending—Payroll has been released but has not been approved by employee

    • Disputed—Payroll is under dispute by the employee

    • Approved—Employee has approved payroll

  • Action—Click View Actions for an employee to review their individual payroll

Sort and filter the table

To sort a column:

  1. Click a column header. A blue arrow shows how the column is sorted.

  2. Click the header again to change the sorting order.

To filter a column:

  1. Click Filter icon-filter.png for the column you want to filter.

  2. In the dropdown, enter a term and select how you want to filter it. For example, to filter for a specific manager, select Contains from the dropdown and enter their name. Click Filter to filter the table.

Review individual payroll

  1. From the Payroll Dashboard, click View Actions in the Action column for the employee whose payroll you want to review.

    The employee’s payroll details screen opens.

  2. Click Update Now to get the most current payroll details for the employee.

  3. In the Report Details section, click a link to open report details for that pay period in a new tab:

    • Run Payroll Report—Reports on the technician’s performance pay

    • Edit Timesheets—View and edit clocked-in hours and non-job events for technicians or edit office timesheets for office employees. Note: Managers must have the appropriate permissions enabled to view and edit timesheets.

    • Run Activity Detail Report—Reports on employee’s daily timesheet events

    • Run Timesheet Report—Reports on employee hours and gross pay

    Note: Only the Activity Detail Report and Timesheet Report are available for office employees.

  4. The Payroll Adjustments section lists any payroll adjustments created during the pay period. Click Expand icon-carat-inverted.png to view additional details.

    Note: You can also create and edit payroll adjustments in this section.

Tip: The Audit Trail section lists any changes made to the employee’s payroll, including anytime an employee approves or disputes a payroll. It will also display the Total Gross Earnings for that payroll period for any approved or disputed events.

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