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Release payroll for employee sign-offLast updated on 09/14/2022

After reviewing payroll for a pay period, managers and administrators can release it for employee sign-off. Technicians can review their payroll in ServiceTitan Mobile. Office employees can review their payroll from the Time Clock.

Things to know

  • Managers can only release payroll for the employees assigned to them.

  • Administrators can release payroll for all employees.

  • Make sure your employees have the permissions enabled to review their payroll. Technicians can dispute payroll if they have the Technician Is Able To Dispute Payroll permission enabled.

  • To change paid hours tied to a job, edit timesheets on the job record.

  • If you click Update Now in an employee’s payroll details screen after they signed off on payroll, you will receive a warning message to let you know the employee must sign off again before payroll can be approved, and the status for that pay period changes from Approved to Pending.

Edit a non-job timesheet

After reviewing payroll, you can release payroll to employees for their sign-off.

  1. In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your Profile icon and click Payroll Approval.

    The Payroll Dashboard opens listing the employees you manage.

  2. Use the dropdown to select the pay period you want to view.

  3. Select the employees you want to release payroll to and click Send To Employees.

    Or, to release payroll to all listed employees, click Send To All Employees.

When payroll is released, the employee status changes from Not received to Pending.

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