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Sign off on payroll in ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 09/09/2022

After managers review payroll for a given pay period, they release it to technicians for sign-off. Technicians can review, dispute, and sign off on their payroll all within the mobile app.

Things to know

  • If changes are made to your payroll after you sign off on it, the payroll status switches to Pending Review and cannot be approved until you sign off again on the edited payroll.

  • To sign off and dispute payroll requires specific permissions to be enabled in your account. Contact your administrator to update your permissions.

  • When payroll is ready for sign-off, a notification appears on the ServiceTitan Mobile Dashboard. Tap the notification to review your payroll.

Review and sign off on payroll

  1. From the ServiceTitan Mobile Dashboard, tap your Profile icon.

    The profile menu opens.

  2. Tap View Payroll.

    A list of payroll details by pay period displays.

  3. Tap View for the pay period you want to review. Note: You can view payroll for any listed pay period but you can only sign off on pay periods that are tagged Pending Review.

    A list of all pay activities for the pay period displays for your review.

  4. Here, you can:

    • Tap View Details for a pay activity to view a detailed breakdown.

    • If you find an error, you can dispute payroll.

    • If everything looks correct:

      1. Tap Approve.

      2. Sign the approval pop-up.

      3. Tap Approve.

After you sign off on payroll, your manager or administrator can approve it for processing.

Dispute payroll

If you find an error while reviewing payroll, you can dispute it:

  1. On the Timesheets & Performance Pay screen for that pay period, tap Dispute.

    The Dispute timesheet & performance pay pop-up opens.

  2. In the text field, enter a note explaining the error (optional).

  3. Tap Dispute.

Your payroll status switches to Disputed.

Your manager or administrator can review the details of your dispute, make adjustments, and re-release payroll for your sign-off.

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