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Create payroll adjustments from the Payroll DashboardLast updated on 09/14/2022

Managers and administrators can create and edit payroll adjustments from the Payroll Dashboard.

Things to know

  • Managers can only create adjustments for the employees assigned to them.

  • Administrators can create adjustments for all employees.

  • You can also create payroll adjustments on invoices, directly for an employee, and in bulk.

  • If you create a payroll adjustment for payroll that the employee has already signed off on, the employee status changes from Approved to Pending. This allows the employee to review the adjustment and sign off again.

Create a payroll adjustment

You can create an adjustment while reviewing an employee’s payroll. You can also apply the payroll adjustment to an invoice.

To create a payroll adjustment:

  1. In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your Profile icon and click Payroll Approval.

    The Payroll Dashboard opens listing the employees you manage.

  2. From the Select a Payroll Period Type dropdown filter, select the type of payroll you want to edit, for example, Weekly, Biweekly, or Off-Cycle

  3. From the Select a Payroll Period dropdown filter, select the pay period you want to view.

  4. Click View Actions in the Action column for the employee whose payroll you want to adjust.

    The employee’s payroll details screen opens.

  5. Next to Payroll Adjustments, click Create. The Create Payroll Adjustment pop-up opens.

  6. Under Posted On, click Calendar icon-calendar.png and select the date you want the adjustment to post.

    Note: Enter a date within the payroll period you’re reviewing. If the Posted On date has already been processed for payroll, the adjustment will not be recognized.

  7. In the Adjustment Amount field, enter the dollar amount of the adjustment.

  8. (Optional) To attach the adjustment to a job invoice, enter the invoice number in the Invoice field.

  9. Click the Type dropdown and select the type of adjustment you want to create:

    • Direct—Adjustment is directly earned by the employee Note: This is the most common type of payroll adjustment. If you use Configurable Payroll, you can only add direct payroll adjustments.

    • Commission Base—Adjustment is based on the technician’s commission rate. For example, if the adjustment amount is $200 and the technician has a 10% commission rate in his payroll settings, the technician receives $20. Note: The commissionable base is reduced by the adjustment amount for other technicians on the invoice.

    • Labor—For contractors and laborers. Counts as a cost on the invoice, reducing the commissionable base.

    • Advance—When technician is paid before the job is added to payroll. Amount is deducted from the technician’s gross pay when the job is included in payroll reports.

    • Sold Advance—When technician receives Sold by credit and is paid before the job is added to payroll. The sold by percentage is applied to the adjustment amount. The total is deducted from the technician’s gross pay when the job is included in payroll reports.

  10. Enter any additional details in the Memo field.

  11. When you’re finished, click Create.

The adjustment is listed under Payroll Adjustments. Click Edit icon-pencil.png to make changes or Delete icon-trash.png to remove it.

Note: Click Update Now on the payroll details screen to see the adjustment reflected on the Payroll Dashboard.

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