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Apply available credit to an invoiceLast updated on 03/22/2022

You can apply available credit to an invoice with an outstanding balance. Available credit is created by:

  • collecting a deposit from a customer

  • an overpayment, where the collected payment on an invoice is greater than the balance

Apply credit to an invoice

  1. Search for and open the invoice you want to collect payment for.

  2. In the record, click Collect and apply payment. The Collect and Apply Payments screen opens.

  3. Under Payment Details, select Credits.

  4. Select the source of available credit you want to apply to the invoice. Note: You can select more than one source of available credit.

  5. Under Apply Payment, select the invoice you want to apply credit to. Note: You can select more than one invoice to apply the credit to.

    Tip: If a project has an unpaid invoice, the Project number displays in the Apply to Invoice screen so you don’t have to look elsewhere for the project number.

  6. If you want to apply a specific amount of credit to an invoice, enter the amount in the Amount Applied field.

  7. When you’re done, click Save.

  8. If you previously enabled the Deposit Workflow feature to export deposits as journal entries in QuickBooks Desktop, complete the following steps.

    1. Click Confirm.

    2. Select your ServiceTitan Web Connector.

      The invoice opens. A notification appears: Payment successfully applied.

      Also, the invoice displays a Sync Status indicator, which changes from N/A to Exported to let you know if your deposit was successfully exported to your general ledger.

      Note: If the Sync Status indicator reads Error, click Error to a view description of the problem and how to fix it. After you fix the problem, click Re-Sync to try again to export the deposit.

  9. On the Collect and Apply Payments screen, click the Carat icon to see a record of applied credit in the Credits section under the Available Credit or Applied Credit tab.

    Note: Credit remains in the Available Credit tab if you have remaining available balance. Credit moves to the Applied Credit tab if it has been fully applied.

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