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Manage customer and service location recordsLast updated on 02/23/2023

You can create or edit customer or service location records during call booking. This is the best way to collect customer information because while you’re on the line with the customer, you can ensure you’re getting accurate and up-to-date information.

After you’ve created a customer or service location record, you can search for, view, or edit it.

Things to know

  • You can mark a customer as Do Not Service, which shows your customer service representatives a notification that they should not book jobs for this customer.

  • Forms that have been assigned to a customer or location in Settings are in the Forms section. For more, see Use forms.

  • If ServiceTitan can’t validate an address, you can manually enter the longitude and latitude coordinates by clicking Enter manually. Once added, the coordinates are used by ServiceTitan Mobile, Optimize Technician Route, Technician Arrival Tracking, and Map 2.0.

  • Multiple service location records can be associated with the same customer record, but a service location record can only be associated with one customer record. This is because only one party is financially responsible for a service location.

  • A customer's service location and billing address may be the same if the customer is the homeowner. However, a property management company may have dozens of service locations.

Customer and service location records

Both customer and service location records contain information like name, address, phone number, and email address. The difference between the two is that customer records store information about the party that is financially responsible for services, making the address on the customer record the billing address. Service location records store contact and other information about the actual physical location where the service is performed.

You can distinguish between the customer and service location records by the tag below the customer name. If you’re on a customer record, there is a Customer tag next to the customer name. If you’re on a location record, you’ll see a Location tag under the customer name.

Find a customer or service location record

You can find customer and service location records through Search. You can also find customer and service location records with the search feature in Call Booking:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Calls.

  2. Enter the customer or service location name, then click Search. If your search results show both customer and service location records, you can spot the difference: the customer name is first along with a person icon, while any service location records follow the customer record and include a house icon.

  3. Click a customer's name to open the customer record or click an address to open the service location record.

Note: You can prevent the customer and location windows from opening automatically by setting individual call booking preferences.

View customer and service location record details

While viewing a customer or service location record:

  • You can see details about the customer or location, including their name, current balance, membership status, phone number, billing address, the customer’s preference to receive invoices and statements by email and/or mail, and any notes you have for the customer or location.

  • If you’re viewing a customer record, you can scroll or use the side menu to navigate to Locations, Memberships, Invoices, Payments, Payment Methods, Customer Statement Log, Jobs, Appointments, Projects Tasks, Calls, Emails, Estimates, Forms, Photos & Videos, and Attachments.

    Note: Account configuration is required to add an invoice, build an estimate, and add a task to a project. Please contact Technical Support for details.

  • If you’re viewing a location record, you can scroll or use the side menu to navigate to Jobs, Appointments, Projects, Opportunities & Estimates, Equipment, Calls, Memberships, Recurring Services, Recurring Service Events, Forms, Photos & Videos, and Attachments. 

    Note: If there aren’t any recurring service events for a location, the Recurring Service Events section and table won’t be displayed.

  • While you’re viewing a particular table, you can filter or sort from the top to easily find what you’re looking for.

  • Some tables also offer grouping to help you further narrow your search.

  • You can hover over media to download, delete, or select it. If you select a photo or video, you can download or delete the media by clicking Download or Delete selected.

  • You can click an image to see a larger version of it. You can also click the Pencil icon to rename the file.

  • If you’re viewing a customer record, you can see marketing emails sent to the customer. This helps you quickly reference the promotion if someone calls about a promotional email.

Edit a customer record or edit a service location record

From a customer record, you can create a project, build an estimate, sell a membership, add a service location, create an invoice, and add a payment method.

From a service location record, you can book a job, create a project, build an estimate, add a recurring service, add equipment, sell a membership, add an attachment, and leave a note.

While viewing a customer or service location record, click the pencil icon to edit a record.


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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.