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Set up phone integrationLast updated on 03/01/2023

Set up phone integration to take full advantage of everything ServiceTitan can do for your business. After you have set up phone integration, every incoming call to your office is automatically tracked and recorded, empowering you with the information you need to benefit your business.

Things to know

  • You don’t need to change any phone numbers you are currently using for your business. Instead, port all your numbers into ServiceTitan.

  • Even after you port your business numbers into ServiceTitan, you own those numbers.

  • Track your marketing campaigns, even before you answer the phone. You can attach tracking numbers to each of your marketing campaigns. The campaign links to a job, which means that you'll see the lead source for every one of your booked jobs. This lets you see which campaigns are generating the most revenue, and where to best invest your marketing dollars.

  • Expand your marketing reach by getting new phone numbers directly through ServiceTitan. You can get new numbers in a few clicks, right in your ServiceTitan account.

  • Use call recordings for training purposes or customer service representative (CSR) performance evaluations. Since ServiceTitan will be recording all incoming calls to your office, you’ll be able to monitor calls and play back calls at any time.

  • Use customer information tied to phone numbers to create more personal relationships. Every time an existing customer calls in, CSRs see the customer’s information on the screen. The CSR can immediately greet the customer by name and is able to discuss customer’s recent jobs instantly.

  • Hold CSRs accountable for booking goals. You’ll have real data on the number of incoming call leads and job bookings, which will allow you to set booking goals and track CSR performance.

Manage your numbers

Note: Do not share your default call forwarding number, dedicated back line numbers, or rollover numbers with customers. If a customer calls one of these numbers directly, the phone call will not be tracked and recorded in ServiceTitan.

All of your advertised numbers, regardless of where or how they are advertised, become tracking numbers in ServiceTitan. Your main company phone number is also a tracking number.

The standard call forwarding setup includes a default call forwarding number, which is a physical phone line in your office, and rollover lines, which are set up so that you can handle call volume, even in peak periods. Both the default call forwarding number and any rollover lines are unadvertised numbers.

You don’t have to forward all tracking numbers to the default call forwarding number. Any tracking number can be forwarded to a specific rollover line or dedicated back line.

Port existing phone numbers

To receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls, continue phone carrier service for your default call forwarding number and rollover line(s). You can maintain these lines with your existing phone carrier or any other carrier of your choice. Once the porting process is complete, you might need to make some changes with your existing phone carrier; a telecom specialist will walk you through this process.

Be sure to port all of the following numbers into ServiceTitan:

  • Main business number⁠—the primary phone number used on your company website, business cards, advertising, etc.

  • Secondary business numbers⁠—any other numbers given out to customers, as for accounting, emergency numbers, and technician numbers

  • Any other phone number given to customers⁠—past phone numbers as well as any present numbers customers might be using to call in

To start the porting process, send phone porting documents as separate items to

  • A Letter of Authorization (LOA) form (PDF)

    If numbers are being ported from multiple carriers, you need a separate LOA for each carrier, as each carrier is considered a separate port request.

    Note: Do not include back line numbers on the porting form. These include any numbers that you don’t give customers, including unadvertised lines, rollover lines, and your default forwarding number.

  • A list of advertised numbers to be ported (Excel spreadsheet)

The LOA form includes a section to list up to four phone numbers to be ported. If you have more than four numbers that need to be ported, create a separate list of advertised numbers to be ported.

This list of advertised numbers to be ported should be set up as an Excel spreadsheet with two columns. The first column should list the numbers being ported to ServiceTitan, while the second should list the current carrier for each number.

  • A bill from the phone carrier associated with advertised numbers to be ported (PDF)

    If you use multiple phone carriers, send a separate bill from each phone carrier.

If you need templates for the LOA or advertised numbers spreadsheet, ask your success or implementation manager.

After your existing numbers have been ported, you can Add a tracking number.

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