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Using memberships featuresLast updated on 03/22/2022

ServiceTitan offers powerful and customizable membership features you can use to help manage your customer memberships.

Access the Membership Wizard

The Membership Wizard takes you step by step through the Membership process. Before completing the wizard, it helps to know what details the membership will feature, including how often the customer will be billed for the membership, how you will split revenue, and membership name. Once you've used the Quick Start guide on the memberships home page to complete the necessary Pricebook setup, use the Memberships Wizard to complete the membership setup.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click the Settings icon. In the side panel, click Invoicing > Membership Types.

  2. Click Add. The Membership Wizard opens. There are three steps to the process and one Summary page. You can click on any of the dropdowns in the wizard to jump ahead or revisit membership details.

Set up a membership for deferred revenue, or realize revenue at the point of sale

You can go directly into the Pricebook to map membership tasks to a Quickbooks liability or income account (General Ledger Account). See Understanding the setup for deferred revenue to learn more information about setting up deferred revenue.

Membership add-ons

Membership add-ons allow you to sell customized memberships. You can set up a membership with basic (or even zero) services, and then sell membership add-ons according to the customer’s needs. Additionally, you can charge for add-ons, and roll add-ons into the membership cost and membership billing. You may want to use membership add-ons for the following common uses:

  • Additional monthly charges.

  • Additional systems.

  • Opt-ins for extra maintenance tasks.

  • Membership upgrades for additional services.

Use membership add-ons for extra recurring services or as upgrades to existing recurring services

There are two options to roll add-on services into the membership:

Option 1 - Add an extra recurring service

The add-on can be set up so it creates a new recurring service on the membership. For example, the customer opts in for cooling maintenance in the spring.

Option 2 - Upgrade existing recurring service

The add-on could also be set up as an upgrade to an existing recurring service. For example, two different heating systems need to be serviced for a duplex, or the member opts in for premium maintenance.

Add-on charges will be rolled into the membership price

When you create the initial membership invoice, you will check This is an add-on task. Then you will select the membership as the Parent Task. Add-on charges will be rolled into the membership price (the customer will not see the individual price of the add-on).

Add-ons can also trigger extra billing charges

You can set up add-ons so they trigger additional charges on the membership billing template.

You can even set up an add-on for an additional billing charge only (no services added to the membership).

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