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Overview of the invoicing processLast updated on 03/22/2022

The ServiceTitan invoicing process allows you to track all invoice transactions from invoice creation to exporting to your accounting software. The process helps you ensure accurate accounting of delivered services.

Things to know

The invoicing process allows you to manage and control all aspects of invoicing:

  • Maintain accurate invoicing to ensure good customer relationships

  • Provide your customers with transparency

  • Reduce the time you spend on reviewing invoices

  • Minimize the chance for any errors

  • Simple and up-to-date reporting

  • Export transactions to your accounting software with accuracy

Step 1: Generate an invoice

The invoicing process begins when you generate the invoice by booking a job. To learn more, see Book a job.

The status of your invoice is Pending from the time you generate the invoice until you batch the invoice.

While the invoice is in Pending status, you can:

Step 2: Send the invoice to the customer

After a job is complete, you can review invoice details and send the invoice to your customer:

Step 3: Batch the invoice

In the Batch/Export Transactions screen, you can batch invoices:

  • Review and finalize your invoices before adding them to a batch.

  • Batch groups of your transactions to post and export to your accounting software.

  • You can edit a batched invoice up until when you post the batch. You cannot make changes to posted invoices.

  • You can add as many invoices as you want to a batch.

  • A batched invoice remains in Pending status until the batch is posted.

  • You can batch an invoice that doesn’t have an applied payment.

For more on batching invoices, see Create a batch.

Step 4: Post the batch

After you review your batched invoices, you can post them:

  • When you post a batch, the status of the batched invoices changes from Pending to Posted.

  • After you post an invoice, you can only edit the:

    • Service location

    • Business unit or job type

    • Payment

  • You cannot add or remove tasks from a posted invoice. If you need to make changes:

Note: Payroll and accounting reporting only includes posted invoices.

For more on batch posting, see Post a batch.

Step 5: Export the batch

In the Batch/Export Transaction screen, you can export posted batches to your accounting software:

  • When you export a posted batch, the status of the batched invoices changes from Posted to Exported.

  • If you need to make changes to an exported invoice, create an adjustment invoice.

  • Invoices without any tasks do not export to your accounting software. Invoices with zero-dollar tasks with zero-dollar totals are exported.

You can export using either of the following options:

Tip: Refer to the Pending Export Report to see exporting errors, if any occur.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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