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Overview: Customer notificationsLast updated on 07/04/2022

Give your customers a modern-day service experience and increase office efficiency by setting up, enabling, and using customer notifications customized to your business needs.

Things to know

  • You can send automatic notifications by text or email to confirm bookings, remind customers about appointments, let customers know their technician has been dispatched, and solicit feedback via customer surveys.

  • If your technicians are using ServiceTitan Mobile and are on a native GPS device, you can enable real-time technician tracking. This gives your customers a modern-day service experience, allowing them to track the arrival of their technician in real-time, similar to today’s popular ride-sharing and food delivery apps.

  • Notifications help to increase office efficiency by reducing missed appointments and cancelations as well as keeping technicians accountable by allowing customers to track the technician’s route to the job site.

  • You can customize notifications for your company's needs. For example, some companies like to tell the customer to email or text back "confirmed" in response to booking confirmations.

Default settings for customer notifications

Configured text notifications will are sent to all phone numbers associated with a customer's account. This includes any land lines, in case a mobile number has been entered as a land line.

Configured email notifications will be sent out to all of the customer's email addresses.

Configured job notifications are turned on by default for residential and commercial jobs.

Set up customer notifications

To start using customer notifications, you will need to complete setup.

Want to learn more?

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.