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Manage bookingsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Bookings can come in from online sources, including the Web Scheduler or HomeAdvisor. After you receive a booking, you will need to verify it and book the job.

Things to know

  • If you have integrated your account with booking sources, the Booking section of the Call Booking screen will list all of your incoming bookings from these web campaigns. Available integrations include the Web Appointment Scheduler and HomeAdvisor.

  • Use the Web Booking Summary Report to see real-time data on campaign performance, including revenue generated by each campaign.

  • The job type for a web booking is set to unknown by default and should be reclassified after following up with the customer. Learn more about how to reclassify and edit calls.

Understand the different booking types

Different booking types come in from different sources. You may have one, two, or all sources set up in your account depending on your business needs.

Web Appointment Scheduler leads

These are online appointment requests coming in through your company website. Some companies set this up so that customer service representatives (CSRs) need to follow up to schedule a specific time. Others will automatically confirm the customer’s requested appointment. Make sure your CSRs know the process to follow for WebScheduler bookings. Some companies prefer to set up an automatic email confirmation message. Depending on how you set this up, you still might need to follow up with the customer.

To learn more about confirmation messages and more features, see Set up the Web Appointment Scheduler.

HomeAdvisor leads

These are when the customer finds you through HomeAdvisor. When you click on a HomeAdvisor web booking, you will see a tag telling you the type of request submitted via HomeAdvisor.

The correct follow-up for the booking will depend on the type of request the customer submitted:

  • Request a quote - contact the customer to provide an estimate over the phone

  • Request an in-person estimate - schedule an estimate visit for the customer

  • Perform the work- book a job for the customer

View bookings

Incoming bookings appear in the Bookings section of the Call Booking screen.

You also see them in the Unassigned column in the Job Tray on the Dispatch Board. To learn more, see Use the Job Tray.

Book a job from a booking

After you receive a booking, you should ensure that the job is booked.

  1. Go to the navigation and click the Calls icon.

  2. Click the booking request.

  3. From here, book the job as you normally would, ensuring that you add the customer to the system and follow up with the customer to confirm the job and appointment time if necessary. To learn more, see book a job.

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