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Set up payroll for office employeesLast updated on 09/09/2022

Set up your office employees for Office Timesheets so you can track working hours and run payroll.

Things to know

  • If you use Payroll Sign-off, make sure managers have their permissions enabled to review payroll for the employees they manage.

  • Set up timesheet codes to track time for all non-job events used by your office employees.

  • You can set or update employee payroll settings in bulk by going to Settings > People > Payroll and clicking on Employee Payroll Settings. See Manage employee payroll settings for details.

Add payroll settings

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings settings.png. In the side panel, go to People > Employees. The Employees screen opens.

  2. Click Edit for the employee you want to add payroll settings for.

    The Edit Employee screen opens.

  3. Click the Payroll tab.

  4. Select the Include in Payroll option for this employee. This allows the employee to be included in your payroll. New employees are excluded by default from payroll. Enable this option to include them in payroll.

  5. Enter the employee’s payroll details:

    • Payroll Id—Enter a unique identifier for the employee. This can be useful when filtering Master Pay File reports.

    • Payroll Business Unit—Enter the Business Unit the employee’s earnings should be associated with.

    • Manager—If you use Payroll Sign-off, you can assign a manager to review and approve payroll.

    • Start Date—Enter the employment start date for the employee. Note: You can also enter a Termination Date if the employee no longer works for your company.

    • Hourly Rate—Employee’s gross hourly wage.

    • Overtime—Select an overtime profile from the dropdown. For a detailed explanation, see Understand overtime profiles.

  6. Click the Permissions tab. Then scroll down to the Payroll & Admin section.

  7. In the Timesheets section, select View employee time tracking and edit page. This gives them view access to the Time Clock and their timesheets.

  8. (Optional) Select Employee can edit their own timesheets to grant edit access to their own timesheets.

  9. When you’re finished, click Save Changes.

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