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Add OEM services in Pricebook ProLast updated on 06/07/2022

Use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service items to account for the price variability of OEM parts for the same service. For example, a furnace blower can vary in cost by several hundred dollars depending on the OEM, but the labor and material costs are the same.

In ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro, OEM service items include only sold hours and non-OEM parts and materials. You add the OEM part as a sub-item of the service item so customers only see the total price of the service on invoices and estimates, protecting your labor rates and material markups.

Things to know

  • OEM services are exclusive to ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro. Before starting, make sure to add the OEM service items and no-labor custom repair items you need from ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro to your pricebook. For more, see Add items with Pricebook Connect.

  • To include the OEM part price with the OEM service item price on an invoice or estimate, add a no-labor custom repair item from your pricebook as a sub-item that matches the cost of the OEM part. For more, see Using custom repairs with Pricebook Pro.

  • Sub-items do not appear on customer invoices or estimates but are visible to office employees and technicians. This allows you to include the OEM part price with the service price without revealing proprietary pricing information to customers. Sub-items are only available in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • If you create a purchase order (PO) for OEM parts, remove the cost of the generic equivalents from the invoice. This prevents inaccuracies in job costing reports.

Add an OEM service item to an invoice or estimate

Before you add an OEM service item to an invoice or estimate, make sure you have the cost of the OEM part available. Note: Follow this workflow when building estimates with OEM service items.

To add an OEM service item in ServiceTitan Mobile:

  1. From the dashboard, tap VIEW CURRENT JOB.

  2. Tap INVOICE.

  3. Tap + Add Item.

  4. Find the OEM service item in your pricebook and tap + to add it to the invoice. Tip: Enter OEM in the search bar to find all OEM services.

  5. Tap Done.

  6. On the invoice, tap the item you just added. The Edit details screen opens.

  7. Tap + Sub-Item.

  8. Go to ServiceTitan Pricebook >Plumbing or HVAC > Custom Repairs > 1 Hour of Labor > No Labor.

  9. Tap the custom repair service item whose code number matches the cost of the OEM part. For example, if a blower costs $400, tap Custom HVAC Repair (CHR-0.00.0400). Note: The item price may be different from the repair code. Any appropriate markups are automatically added to the custom repair item price.

  10. Tap DONE.

  11. Tap SAVE.

The updated OEM service item price includes the price of the OEM part.

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