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What to do if a technician taps "Perform work now" by accidentLast updated on 03/22/2022

If a technician accidentally taps Perform work now in ServiceTitan Mobile, follow these steps to avoid scheduling and invoicing issues.

Things to know

  • If a technician taps Perform work now instead of Later, they should not delete the items from the invoice. If the technician deletes items from the invoice, there is no record that the work still needs to be booked.

  • The technician must call the office. There, an employee can resolve the booking without losing estimate details.

Step One: Delete the items off the invoice

The first step is to delete items from the invoice:

  1. Go to the job record (Search > Job) and open the corresponding invoice.

  2. In the Tasks section are the tasks that should have been scheduled for the next job. Click X next to each task you want to delete from the invoice.

  3. Each deleted item opens two prompts:

    • Are you sure you want to delete this task? Click OK.

    • Will this work be done on another job? Click No.

Step Two: Duplicate the sold estimate

Next, duplicate the sold estimate and delete the original:

  1. On the invoice screen, click Edit icon-pencil.png next to the sold estimate. The Edit Estimate screen opens.

  2. Click Add +) at the top of the estimate.

  3. In the confirmation pop-up, click OK to duplicate the estimate.

  4. On the Estimate screen, click into the invoice.

  5. On the invoice, the Estimates section lists the original sold estimate and the duplicated open estimate.

  6. Click Delete icon-close.png for the sold estimate.

  7. In the confirmation pop-up, click OK.

    The sold estimate is removed from the invoice.

Step Three: Re-book the job

After you duplicate and delete the sold estimate, re-book the job

  1. On the invoice, click Edit icon-pencil.png for the open estimate.

  2. Click View Opportunity to open the Opportunity Follow-Up screen.

  3. Click Sold/Convert next to the estimate. Note: If the tech should receive Sold by credit, make sure to enter their name when you click Sold/Convert.

  4. To proceed with the job booking, click Check All to select all estimate items. Or, you can select specific estimate items if the customer wants to split up the work into multiple jobs.

  5. After you select the estimate items, click Book Job on the estimate.

  6. This opens the Call Booking screen where you can enter or edit job details. Most of the job details are filled in automatically from the estimate.

  7. Before you book, make sure everything is correct and that there is an accurate job summary.

  8. When you're ready, click Book Job on the Call Booking screen to schedule the job.

When you are done, the job is cleared from the original sold estimate. The new estimate in the system, with a new job booked to perform the work. Both jobs are included on the same project.

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