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Set up your account for truck inventory replenishmentLast updated on 10/28/2022

Set up your trucks, technicians, pricebook, and vendors to work with truck inventory replenishment.

Before you begin using truck replenishment features, complete the following setup.

Step One: Set up your truck list in ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan creates a default truck for each of your technicians so you don't have to create your truck list from scratch. To edit your truck list, go to Settings > Inventory>Trucks & Warehouses. Click Deactivate, Edit, or Add Truck as desired.

After you update truck information, make sure to click Save Changes.

Note: Truck name is a required field. The Memo field is optional. If a truck is assigned to a technician, you cannot delete the truck.

Step Two: Assign each technician to a truck

After you complete your truck list, make sure each technician is assigned to the right truck. Technicians are automatically assigned to their default truck.

Update a technician’s truck assignment
  1. Go to Settings > People >Technicians.

  2. Click the Edit Pencil next to the technician.

  3. Click the Truck dropdown and choose a truck from your truck list.

  4. When you are done, click Save.

Note: You can assign multiple technicians to the same truck. You can delete any unused default trucks.

Step Three: Set up your replenishment vendors

Make sure your vendors are up-to-date, with the contact information for each vendor, and designate which vendors are your replenishment vendors.

Add or edit a vendor

To set up vendors, go to Settings > Inventory > Vendors. If you need to add a new vendor, click Add New. To edit (or deactivate) an existing vendor, click the Edit Pencil next to the vendor.

  • Make sure to update the contact information for all your vendors, so you can send out POs properly.

  • If a vendor is designated a primary vendor for any material item in your pricebook, you cannot deactivate the vendor.

Designate vendors to be used for truck replenishment

In the vendor settings, select Truck Replenishment Vendor if the vendor is used for truck replenishment.

  • If you do not select Truck Replenishment Vendor, the vendor does not appear in vendor lists in your pricebook. You cannot use this vendor for truck replenishment POs.

Activate the Default Replenishment Vendor

Before you create replenishment POs, activate the Default Replenishment Vendor. Your success or implementation manager can help you with this process.

  1. Go to Settings > Inventory > Vendors.

  2. Click Show Inactive at the top of your vendor list.

  3. Click the Edit Pencil next to Default Replenishment Vendor.

  4. Click Activate.

  5. After you're finished, the Default Replenishment Vendor shows as active.

Note: If you do not activate the Default Replenishment Vendor, you cannot correctly generate replenishment POs using your primary vendors.

Step Four: Create vendor lists for all inventory items, and designate the primary vendor

Make sure your vendor lists are set up for all your material items. See Create vendor list for inventory items and designate primary vendor.

Step Five: Make sure each material item in the Pricebook matches a material item in QuickBooks

Make sure every inventory item in your pricebook matches an item in QuickBooks. The Code of the material item in ServiceTitan should match the Name of the item in QuickBooks.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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