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Navigating QuickBooks DesktopLast updated on 02/28/2023

These options are:

QuickBooks Menu Bar

The QuickBooks menu bar is located at the top of your QuickBooks screen. This menu bar allows you to navigate to different areas of the company file.

A QuickBooks “center” is where you can find information specific to that topic.

For example, the Customer Center includes customer information (addresses, contact information, etc.). There are three main centers ServiceTitan interacts with in QuickBooks.

These centers are the:

  • Customer Center: provides access to all customer and job information, including customer transactions.

  • Vendor Center: provides access to all vendor information, including purchase orders.

  • Inventory Center: provides access to all inventory information and site (warehouse) information, including bills.

Useful tips:

  • Each center on the menu bar has a letter underlined. For example, in Customers the “u” is underlined. Hitting ALT + [underlined letter] will open that drop-down menu. You can use this trick to open subsequent menus too.

  • To access Settings go to Edit > Preferences. Here you can edit company preferences including sales tax, payroll, inventory, and shipping.

  • To access User permissions go to Company > Users > Setup Users and Roles. This is where you can add and edit your company’s QuickBooks users. You can also view the permissions given to each user based on the role selected.

  • To access your Chart of Accounts go to Lists > Chart of Accounts. All your general ledger accounts will be displayed in this area. You can edit and create new accounts in this section.

  • To access Web Connectors go to File > Update Web Services. You will need to use the web connectors when you export invoices from to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Home

QuickBooks Home will open automatically when you first open QuickBooks Desktop. It provides access to the five main QuickBooks centers (vendors, customers, employees, banking, company) and the standard workflows used between centers. You can edit what is shown on the home screen by navigating to Edit > Preferences > Desktop View.

The arrows show what the next suggested step is for each workflow. For example, after "Enter Bills" it recommends you "Pay Bills".

At the top-left of the home screen, you can select Insights to quickly view business financials (including profit & loss and business growth). This can be customized by clicking the gear icon on the right side of the Insight screen.

QuickBooks Shortcuts

Shortcuts are located on the left side of your screen under My Shortcuts.

To customize your shortcuts, scroll to the bottom of your shortcuts list and click Customize Shortcuts. You can customize the shortcut name and description for easy reference.

Useful Links

  • If you would like to learn more about QuickBooks, you can visit the Intuit Community.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.