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Mute notifications for commercial jobsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Commercial projects usually involve many dispatches and multiple scheduled jobs. This may result in too many notifications sent to the customer.

Mute a notification

If you don’t want to use notifications for commercial jobs, you can follow the instructions below to turn off notifications for all commercial jobs.

  1. Go to Settings > Customer Notifications.

  2. Click the Settings icon (gear icon) at the top of the screen.

  3. Under Job Notifications by Default, you can choose whether notifications will be sent for residential and/or commercial jobs. Both settings will be checked (turned on) by default. If you want to turn off notifications for commercial jobs, uncheck the box next to Enable Job Notifications on Commercial Jobs.

    Enable Job Notifications On Residential Jobs

    When this option is checked, all residential customers will receive notifications. When unchecked, notifications will not be sent out for residential jobs.

    Enable Job Notifications On Commercial Jobs

    When this option is checked, all commercial customers will receive notifications. When unchecked, notifications will not be sent out for commercial jobs.

    Note: The settings you choose will apply to all notifications (booking confirmations, reminder notifications, dispatch notifications, surveys), for both text and email.

  4. Once you have changed your notification settings, make sure to click Save.

You will have the option to turn notifications back ON

When you turn OFF notifications for commercial jobs, the Job Notifications toggle on the job screen will be off by default for all commercial jobs.

If you want to enable notifications for any specific commercial job, you can turn the Job Notifications toggle back ON.

How ServiceTitan determines which jobs are commercial

The customer attached to the service location must be a commercial customer; it does not matter if the Bill To customer is residential or commercial.

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