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Technician ScorecardsLast updated on 04/28/2022

The Technician Scorecards section of the Modular Dashboard shows technician metrics based on the business unit of completed jobs. Each scorecard reports on a business unit division and includes multiple tabs of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Things to know

  • Each scorecard corresponds to a business unit (BU) division. Make sure to map your BUs before using the scorecards.

  • Information in the Technician Scorecards are based on each invoice item's BU.

    • If your account is configured to allow the assigning of BUs on the invoice item level, there will be a setting in the pricebook for each item to assign a default BU and the ability to change it on the invoice. Please contact Technical Support for more details on this account configuration. 

    • If your account is not configured to be able to assign a business unit at the individual invoice item level, this means the invoice item will typically assume the job’s business unit, not the technician BU. For example, if Alex works on an HVAC Install job and the HVAC Install BU is assigned to the Install division, Alex’s metrics on that job are included on the Install scorecard, even if he is not assigned to the HVAC Install BU.

  • Use the dashboard date and BU filters to change the reporting scope of Technician Scorecards.

  • The Sales scorecard shows KPIs for sales jobs whose BUs are mapped to the scorecard. If a technician sells estimates on a non-sales job, the KPIs appear on that job BU's scorecard in the Sales tab.

  • By default, Technician Scorecards and individual technician scorecards do not include adjustment invoices when calculating revenue. To include adjustment invoices, contact Technical Support.

Scorecard overview

Each technician scorecard represents a BU division. KPIs display in a table where each line represents a technician. The reported metrics are from jobs whose BU is assigned to that division.

Metrics for all technicians in a division are totaled and averaged at the bottom of the scorecard.

Tip: Click a column header to sort the table for that KPI.

View by division

By default, the Technician Scorecards displays technician metrics on all jobs.

To view a scorecard for a specific division, click the All Divisions dropdown and select it.

View scorecard tabs

Each scorecard includes multiple tabs. Click a tab to view different sets of KPIs for that division.

Available tabs vary by scorecard.

Sales scorecard

The Sales scorecard includes three tabs:

  • All—Sales KPIs for all lead types

  • Tech Leads—KPIs for technician-generated leads (TGLs). A TGL is created when a technician is assigned Lead Generated By on a sales job.

  • Marketing Leads—KPIs for marketing leads. A marketing lead is a sales job where the Lead Generated By field is empty.

Install scorecard

The Install scorecard includes three tabs:

  • Overview—Revenue, job conversion, and customer satisfaction KPIs

  • Productivity—Technician efficiency and recall job KPIs

  • Sales—Sales, sales conversion, and customer satisfaction KPIs

All other scorecards

Tabs include:

  • Overview—Revenue, conversion, and customer satisfaction KPIs

  • Lead Generation—KPIs on leads set by technicians Note: By default, this tab reports on all lead-generating opportunities. Click Replacements to report only on equipment replacement opportunities.

  • Memberships—Membership sales and conversion KPIs

  • Productivity—Technician efficiency KPIs

  • Sales—Sales, conversion, and customer satisfaction KPIs

Note: If you want to email or print the Technician Scorecard dashboard drill down, you can export the information to an XLSX  file if the date range is less than 31 days. Click the Download scorecard-dash-drilldown-export-icon icon to download the file to your computer.

KPI definitions

There are two ways to view KPI definitions:

  • Hover over a table column header to view a brief definition.

  • Click the Information icon at the top of a scorecard to view a scrollable list of the KPIs in the scorecard table that includes:

    • Equivalent report template and column of the KPI

    • Brief definition

    • Calculation of the KPI

    • Dependencies and additional notes

Individual technician scorecards

Click a KPI for a technician in a scorecard table to open their individual scorecard in a new window. Tip: You can also open individual technician scorecards if you click the customer satisfaction emoji.

The individual technician scorecard opens using the same filters you set on the previous page. You can reset these filters at the top of the scorecard.

The scorecard includes technician information, such as their name and company position. To see more information about the technician, click See more to open a side panel containing expanded information for that technician.

Tip: Clicking on the technician’s phone number allows you to call the technician.

To switch between revenue and sales scorecards for the individual technician, click the toggle at the top of the scorecard. By default, the scorecard will display the revenue scorecard.

Revenue KPIs

  • Completed Revenue—The amount of revenue generated from completed jobs.

  • Completed Jobs—The number of completed jobs. 

Sales KPIs

  • Total Sales—The total amount of sales.

  • Sales Opportunities—The number of sales opportunities. 

Both KPI sections will display Total Hours Worked and Customer Satisfaction score.

General Metrics

The General Metrics section of the scorecard will display two charts. The first chart displays the KPI by division, and the second chart displays the KPI by job type.

Revenue Metrics
  • Completed Revenue by Division—The amount of revenue generated from completed jobs in each division. 

  • Completed Revenue by Job Type—The amount of revenue generated from completed jobs by the job type. 

Sales Metrics
  • Total Sales by Division—The amount of sales generated from completed jobs in each division. 

  • Total Sales by Job Type—The amount of sales generated from completed jobs by the job type. 

General Conversions

The General Conversions section of the scorecard displays Total Conversion Rate, Opportunity Conversion Rate, and Close Rate by division.

Division Metrics

The Division Metrics section displays the technician’s KPIs across all divisions. Use the dropdown menu to select an individual division for the KPIs.

The Division Metrics table contains multiple tabs. Click on a tab to view different KPIs for the selected division.

Each tab contains cards with KPIs related to the tab. Click on a card to view detailed information for that KPI in the table.

Tip: Click the Info icon to display a description of the KPI for each card.

Note: The Overview tab displays different KPIs depending on if you are viewing the Revenue or Sales scorecard. Use the toggle at the top of the page to switch scorecards.

In the table, click on the job number, invoice number, or customer name to open the corresponding record.

You can export the entire division metrics section of the scorecard as an Excel file to your computer, or you can export only the selected KPI. Click the three dots icon-export to select what information to export.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.