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Dashboard Heat MapLast updated on 03/22/2022

The Modular Dashboard’s Heat Map displays a color-coded map showing revenue amounts and job counts by ZIP code for the areas you serve. Click a zone to view a list of jobs for that ZIP code.

Things to know

  • By default, the Modular Dashboard shows metrics for the current day and all business units (BUs). You can filter the dashboard for specific date ranges.

  • Date filters apply to job completion date.

  • The inset in the corner of the map shows a color-coded legend for the levels of revenue amounts and job counts.

  • Jobs appear on the heat map when the job is completed, the location is verified, and the invoice meets or exceeds the job type sold threshold.

  • If no jobs have been completed, the heat map defaults to display Los Angeles, CA. Once a job appears on the heat map, the map updates to display around the job location.

Interact with the Heat Map

The Heat Map is broken up into zones where jobs were completed within the date filter. Each zone represents a ZIP code. By default, the map shows revenue details.

Note: Revenue is the sum of income items on completed job invoices. Income items are pricebook items assigned to an income general ledger (GL) account.

You can interact with the map:

  • Click the + and - icons on the map to zoom in and out. You can also navigate the map using your mouse and keyboard:

    • Click and drag or use the arrow keys to move the map.

    • Use your mouse wheel or touchpad to zoom in and out.

  • Click the Key icon in the upper corner of the map to hide the legend.

  • Click the Jobs and Revenue tabs to change which metric you want to map.

  • Hover over a zone to view the ZIP code and number of completed jobs or total revenue.

View job details

You can view job details within the Heat Map:

  • Click a zone to open a list of completed jobs for that ZIP code, including customer name, job type, and revenue.

  • Click a job in the list to open the job record in a new browser tab.

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