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Dashboard CSR metricsLast updated on 03/22/2022

The CSR Metrics section of the Modular Dashboard reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) for your call center team. Charts offer visual measures of team performance or you can click into Agent Scorecards to view call metrics for individual employees.

Things to know

  • By default, the Modular Dashboard shows metrics for the current day and all business units (BUs). You can filter the dashboard for specific date ranges.

  • BU filters apply to job booking KPIs. Call and lead KPIs are unaffected.

  • Click Informationicon-info-black.png for detailed descriptions of the reported KPIs.

  • CSR KPIs correspond to columns from the Office Performance report template.

Agent Scorecards

The Agent Scorecards tab of the CSR Metrics section displays a table of office employees who answered incoming calls for the reporting date range.

Agent KPIs

Each table entry represents an office employee and includes the following KPIs:

  • Calls—Number of inbound calls Note: If the green call bubble is not clicked, the call is considered Abandoned.

  • Leads—Number of inbound calls considered leads. A lead call lasts at least 60 seconds where the call type is not excused.

  • Booked—Number of inbound calls booked into jobs

  • Percent Booked—Percent of lead calls booked into jobs

  • Booked from Total—Percent of booked jobs that were booked by the employee

  • Excused Calls—Number of calls tied to an existing job or assigned the call reason This was not a service request. Excuse it.

  • Average Inbound Call Time—Average duration of inbound calls

Individual scorecards

Click an employee in the table to open their individual scorecard in a new browser tab.

The scorecard includes call-related KPIs and a table with call and job details.

Click a KPI referenced above to refresh the table for that KPI. You can also click:

  • Review—Calls excused by the employee that have not yet been reviewed by a manager

  • Manual—Jobs booked by the employee without an incoming phone call

You can interact with items in the table:

  • If a job was booked, click View Job to open the job record.

  • Click a call to listen to a recording of it in the Call Playback pop-up.

    Here, you can perform additional actions:

    • Click Download to download an MP3 copy of the call.

    • Click the customer name to open their customer record.

    • Click the Tags field to attach tags to the call. Click the Disk icon to save your changes. Tip: You can tag noteworthy calls for training and coaching purposes. Later, you can search for calls by tag.

    • Click Correct to confirm that the call was correctly classified by ServiceTitan. To reclassify the call, click I’d like to reclassify the call. For more, see Reclassify and edit calls.


Click the Chart tab to view bar graphs comparing CSR KPIs. Each bar represents an office employee.

Click the tabs to chart different KPIs:

  • Booking Rate

  • Booked Calls

  • Average Call Time

  • Total Call Time

Tip: Hover over a bar to view KPI details.

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